Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging represents one of the largest and fastest growing segments for polymer materials driven by the substitution of both traditional materials (paper, glass, tin, etc.) and rigid plastic packs on the basis of both cost and functionality. Flexible plastics packaging now fulfils a vital role in all markets around the world in terms of providing protection and preservation of food, consumer and industrial goods within the supply chain, delivering information and functionality to the consumer and contributing to sustainable packaging solutions.

We have been analysing the technical and market trends for flexible packaging films in Europe and worldwide for over 30 years and our strengths are in the understanding of the use of polyethylene materials (LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, metallocenes, EVA, etc) in flexible film applications and the development of the biax film industry globally.

Through our programme of proprietary research, supported by our global database of cast and blown film extruders and our renowned international conferences, we can offer you in-depth knowledge and understanding of these segments and can tailor our research to address your issues of specific interest and concerns.

To find out more about AMI's work in flexible packaging please contact consulting@ami.international

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AMI conferences in flexible packaging in 2017-2018 include: