Raw materials

We at AMI have built our reputation on our detailed understanding of the markets for thermoplastic polymers in Europe and beyond. Our unique "bottom-up" analysis of market demand has given us an enviable record in identifying underlying growth rates and market dynamics for polymer raw materials and processing equipment.

After decades of strong, above-GDP growth many polymer materials are now entering a more mature phase in their lifecycle, particularly in the developed markets of Europe, North America and Japan. At the same time new materials, technologies and markets are emerging to offer opportunities but also threats to existing, established polymer applications. Increasing global competition, volatility of supply and demand and growing environmental pressures are all adding to the challenges of identifying and maintaining profitable growth for raw material suppliers.

Understanding the dynamics of this change from a multi-polymer, application-segment perspective enables us to intelligently discuss the potential for raw materials in a global context through a series of regular, detailed in-depth research reports.

Our data and expert knowledge can also be tailored to address your issues of specific interest and concern and our consultants regularly undertake customised market studies in raw materials and machinery markets. Our expertise and extensive knowledge base also makes the company well placed to support investors in merger and acquisition searches, commercial and technical due diligence and feasibility studies.

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Market data reports   

Each report draws on our unique, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the downstream plastics processing value chain to provide unrivalled detail in quantifying the volume of polymer materials used across all the major plastics processing technologies on a country-by-country basis.  

So far the series includes:

and will continue with Polymer demand in North America.

Multi-client reports on raw materials & machinery:

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Our conferences for raw materials in 2017/2018 include: