• What's new in the cables market for polymeric materials?

    This new report from AMI Consulting is vital for companies active in the cable industry who need to understand the trends influencing market development and structure. 

    It includes a comprehensive analysis of market development in each country and answers the following questions: 

    • What is the current and future size of each country expressed in terms of tonnes of each polymer consumed?
    • Who are the main cable extruders in each country and how much polymer do they use? How many tonnes do they use of each polymer? Quantitative data provided by production plant.
    • Identification of new cable extrusion plants set up in each country during the reporting period as well as those where cable extrusion activities were discontinued.
    • Analyse cable extruders' strategies within each country and discuss recent corporate changes within Europe in terms of company mergers and acquisitions.
  • Palletisation films, the global market

    In the last thirty years palletisation films have been one of the success stories of the global plastics and packaging industry. Strong demand from a wide range of customer industries, combined with a real competitive advantage against other forms of pallet stabilization, has resulted in sustained growth in the developed, more mature, markets and accelerating growth in other regions.

    The new study, 'Palletisation Films - Global Market 2017', provides details of the supply/demand for pallet stretch wrap, shrink hoods and stretch hoods in each region of the world. It includes a particular focus on the region specific and film type specific market drivers and inhibitors, production volumes of the leading film producers. It also discusses the changes in film formulations and trends in the use of specific resins in each of the product areas. 

  • Single Serve Beverage Capsules- Global Market Overview 2016

    AMI Consulting report details trends in the global Single Serve Beverage Capsules market

    A new report from industry consultants, AMI Consulting in cooperation with Plastic Technologies Inc., published in August 2016, is an authoritative comprehensive deep-dive analysis of the global Single Serve Beverage Capsules industry (aka coffee capsules). 

    This report is aimed at assisting industry participants and investors in anticipating change, formulating response strategies, directing R&D investment, and proactively managing the threats. It analyses the global market opportunity and maps out the complex supply chain structure. 

  • The European market for PP compounds

    According to a newly published report by AMI Consulting European demand for PP compounds rose by 6.7% in 2015 on the back of surging demand in the automotive and appliance markets. According to the report's editor, John Nash, European demand for PP Compounds enjoyed the fastest rate of growth of any major region of the world in 2015.

  • Meet AMI's consultants

    AMI Consultants will be available at the following AMI conferences/seminars in 2017/2018:

    Andrew Reynolds  will be presenting at the AMI Global Plastics Industry Seminar on various dates throughout 2017 in Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia.  In addition, he will be joining the AMI team, at Polyolefin Additives 2017, Stretch & Shrink Film 2017 in Miami and Stretch & Shrink Film 2017 and Thermoplastic Concentrates 2018

    John Nash will be presenting or attending Thin Wall Packaging Asia, Compounding World Asia and Waterproof membranes as well as Thin Wall Packaging 2017 which will take place in Cologne, Germany.

    Sylvia Tabero will also be attending Waterproof Membranes 2017 and Grass Yarn and Tufters Forum 2018.

    Cristina de Santos will be present at Field Joint Coating 2017 and presenting at the Oil and Gas Non-metallics 2017, Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture 2017 and Pipeline Coating 2017 in the Houston,  Texas and Pipeline Coating 2018 Vienna, Austria.

    Karla Tattersall will be presenting and chairing a variety of conferences including Agricultural Film 2017, Stretch & Shrink Film 2017 and Polymer Sourcing & Distribution US 2018

    Martyna Fong will be presenting at Single-serve Capsules 2017 and Multilayer Packaging Films 2017.

    Márta Babits will be presenting at BOPET 2017, Plastic Pouches 2018 and Plastic Closure Innovations 2018.