Polymer distribution in Europe 2015

Polymer distribution in Europe 2015

Date of publication: April 2015
AMI Consulting has been monitoring and analysing the trends in the European polymer distribution industry for over a decade. This report represents the sixth edition of a comprehensive analysis of the trends in  the polymer distribution market for the whole of Europe (EU28+Norway and Switzerland). The research has revised and updated AMI's view on the status and position of distributors across Europe and has considered an impact of the following issues on the industry:

  • Europe's continuing slow polymer demand growth particularly in Western Europe
  • Ongoing consolidation among polymer suppliers, resulting in a merger of their respective distribution networks
  • Reduction in the number of distribution mandates available in Europe
  • Opportunities presented by non-European suppliers penetrating European market
  • Rationalisation of the number of distributors which suppliers work with and reviewing which customers get served directly as opposed to by distribution channels
  • Increasing dominance of pan-European or international distributors squeezing out smaller, locally based distributors
  • Volatility in prices and polymer supplies
  • Build up of polymer production capacities in Asia and NAFTA
  • Role of traders and their position in the polymer supply chain.

Despite the challenges presented by these issues, polymer distribution has continued to grow resulting in approximately 12% of polymer materials sold in Europe in 2014, a proportion which is expected to increase in future as polymer suppliers aim to push more volumes through distribution channels to save costs and optimise their sales networks.


Introduction, explanatory notes and definitions

Executive summary

The European polymer distribution market

  • Overview of polymer market trends
  • Overview of the polymer distribution (commodity and engineering)
  • Structure of the polymer distribution industry
  • Structure of the plastics processing industry
  • Impact of international trade
  • Polymer prices

Relationships with suppliers

  • Structure of polymer supply in Europe
  • Factors influencing distributor-supplier relationships

Distribution value chain

Distribution business models

Profiles of top ten distributors

Individual country/regional overviews

Statistical appendices

  • Ranking of European groups by turnover and volume 2014
  • Ranking of 50 largest European polymer distributors by volume and polymer 2014
  • Official distributors by supplier ranked by tonnes sold 2014
  • Polymer distribution sales by distributor 2014

Product scope:
The study includes the following polymers:

  • HDPE
  • PP
  • PS
  • ABS/SAN and its blends
  • PC and its blends
  • PA 6/6.6
  • PBT
  • POM
  • PMMA

Geographic scope:

The geographic scope is the EU28+2 (i.e. all the 28 European Union countries plus Norway and Switzerland). Data is presented and reported in the following country/regional order:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • Benelux: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
  • Nordic Region: Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden
  • Spain
  • Other Western Europe: Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Republic of Ireland, Portugal
  • Poland
  • Other Central and Eastern Europe (other CEE): Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia


Reporting basis:

  • Past - 2009
  • Present - 2014 (base year for analysis)
  • Future - 2015, 2019

Further information:

The report is supplied as a downloadable PDF with an enterprise-wide license agreement. One printed hard copy of the report is also provided together with a CD containing a data spreadsheet. A data spreadsheet includes polymer volumes sold by individual distribution companies segmented by country and polymer. It includes ranking of European distribution groups by turnover and volume with further details on individual ranches' polymer sales and their suppliers.

As part of the subscription, the subscriber has an opportunity to arrange a meeting with AMI Consulting to discuss the report findings.

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