Polyethylene films – the global market

Polyethylene films – the global market

Date of publication: February 2018 

New edition to be published May 2021

Polyethylene film markets were essentially national or regional in nature until shortly after the turn of the century, around 2005. There were, of course, exceptions such as the import into Europe and elsewhere of bags from Asia, and the supply of pallet stretch films from one region to another. The rapid projected growth in production of polyethylene films in some regions of the world, including North East Asia, will give rise to increased levels of global trade in certain types of films and bags during the next five years and beyond.

AMI, with its unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of polyethylene application developments around the world, has produced a new market study on global production and trade flows for polyethylene films in order to assist companies in making key investment and marketing decisions.

This new edition enables companies to formulate coherent plans for their future progress within the polyethylene film industry and prepare meaningful market strategies to fully exploit business opportunities.

Within each region, we provide comprehensive information as follows:

  • Supply and demand overview for polyethylene films including imports and exports
  • Film production volumes for the reported years by film application and growth rates for the studied periods
  • Film consumption for the reported years by film application and growth rates for the studied periods
  • Polyethylene consumption volume by grade type and growth rates for the studied periods
  • Market drivers and inhibitors affecting the industry
  • Indications of regional cost structure and its impact on cost competitiveness globally

Product coverage

Industrial films - Agricultural films, Building films, Collation shrink films, Palletisation films, Heavy duty sacks

Consumer films - Hygiene films, Healthcare films, Retail bags, Food: barrier films and frozen food films

Other films - Liners, Laundry films, Tissue overwrap, Surface protection films, Refuse sacks

Polymer types

  • LDPE
  • LLDPE C4
  • Recycled

Reporting basis

  • Past 2012      
  • Present 2017 & 2018
  • Future 2022

The study covers the global market. The regional breakdown is as follows:

  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Asia & Australasia
  • North America
  • Central & South America

All subscribers will receive one printed copy and one downloadable PDF copy of the report and a spreadsheet in Excel format with all underlying data.

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