BOPET Films - The Global Market

BOPET Films - The Global Market

Date of publication: August 2019

The increasingly competitive and commodity nature of traditional packaging film markets is driving producers to seek added value opportunities through either diversification into thick films, technical applications or investment in secondary processing such as metallization or offline coating.  New investments are increasingly in hybrid lines capable of making a range of films that cut across the traditional supply divisions between thin films (<50 micron) and thick films (50-350 micron) as companies increasingly look to diversify their portfolio.

High-end technical applications have seen strong growth in recent years and attracted substantial investments with demand for these films concentrated in East Asia and in the hands of traditional market leaders in Japan and Korea.

The versatility of BOPET films combined with rapid end-use technology developments creates emerging opportunities for BOPET but it also comes with certain volatility. The rapid demise of BOPET-based magnetic tapes for music and video cassettes following the development of CDs is an example of how applications can come and go, particularly in technical applications.

Given the changing demand patterns and supply dynamics it has never been more important for companies active in the industry to have comprehensive data and insights in order to fully understand their competitive strengths and weaknesses, develop successful strategies and benefit from market opportunities as they arise. 

Our new report assists industry participants at all levels of the supply chain in anticipating change, formulating response strategies and directing R&D investment. 

The study covers bioriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) films of up to 350mm thickness. AMI specifies demand for thin films (<50mm) and thick films (50-350mm) in this report based on the traditional supply divisions for BOPET films.


End use scope

 The market is segmented by the following end use applications: 


By end-use market: Food, Non-food

By format: Pouches/bags, Lidding, Other



Display/Optical films

Durable media





Data points:

The study quantifies the market for 2013, 2018 and 2019 and provides forecasts for 2023. Data is expressed in metric tonnes.

Data is reported at a total global level and for 8 geographic regions: China, North East Asia, South East Asia, Indian sub-continent, Middle East & Africa, Europe, North America (NAFTA), South America.

A downloadable PDF copy will be provided with an enterprise-wide license agreement along with one printed copy.

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