Material Usage in Wind Turbine Blades - The Global Market 2020

Material Usage in Wind Turbine Blades - The Global Market 2020

Published May 2020

The new edition of this report by AMI Consulting quantifies the market, its structure, the status of the technology and the changes which are underway.

The supply chain from raw material to finished wind turbine blade is relatively complex. There are a broad range of materials producers supplying either direct or via a number of pre-processors, formulators and technical textile companies. There are a variety of business models too which are outlined in this report. In 2017, demand for raw materials exceeded 766,000 tonnes and generated market sales of €2.4 billion. Material demand is not only driven by annual blade demand but also blade size, design or other factors such as blade stock levels, blade exports or repowering. All these factors are taken into consideration in our analysis.

Gain a strong understanding of the scale of the market, market dynamics and the changing market shares of the key participants.

Definitions, segmentation, scope, raw materials, methodology and abbreviations

Management overview
An overview of the main conclusions and summary data

Introduction to the wind turbine industry

  • Current and forecast wind turbine investment
  • Structure of the wind turbine blade supply chain 
  • Global blade trade
  • Quality standards and certification

Section 1: Global supply and demand by material

  • Fibre reinforcement
  • Resin
  • Core materials
  • Adhesive
  • Coatings

Section 2: Blade technology

  • Key issues and events
  • Blade sizes (length, weight and power rating)
  • Wind turbine blade components
  • Blade manufacturing processes (infusion, integrated infusion and prepreg)
  • Other issues (segmented blades, automation and advanced blade features)  

Section 3:  Materials technology
Summary information will be provided on the main materials to aid non-technical readers

Section 4-7:  Europe, North America, Asia, Rest of World
These sections will discuss key issues; provide an overview of the region, details on specific countries and detailed material supply and demand data


Product scope
The study investigates and quantifies demand by material segmented into:

  • Fibre (glass and carbon)
  • Resin (epoxy and polyester)
  • Core materials (Balsa, PVC, PET and SAN)
  • Adhesives (epoxy, polyurethane and vinyl ester)
  • Coatings (polyurethane, polyester and epoxy)

Application scope
The application scope for this study is commercial wind turbine blades.

Units of measure
The study reports on the markets in terms of usage of materials (fibre reinforcement, resin, core materials, adhesives and coatings) in tonnes and approximate financial values in Euros (€). Core materials are also reported by volume (‘000 m3).

Reporting basis
The study provides historic material demand (2014, 2017 and 2019) and forecasts for the years 2020 and 2025. More than 60 tables and 100 figures (charts, pictures and diagrams) are presented to give greater detail and understanding of the market and industry.

Geographical scope

The geographic scope is the world market, segmented into:

  • Europe (inc. CIS region)
  • North America (Canada and the US, exc. Mexico)
  • Asia
  • Latin America (inc. Mexico)
  • Africa
  • Rest of World (ROW)

The report is supplied as a downloadable PDF with an enterprise-wide license agreement. One printed hard copy of the report is also provided.

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