Global Thin Wall Packaging Markets 2020


Global Thin Wall Packaging Markets 2020

Date of publication: January 2020


Thin Wall Packaging (TWP) is a market with a clear definition in Europe, but not globally, and AMI Consulting has been instrumental in aiding the process of industry segmentation, quantification and strategy development.

Each global region shows different level of market maturity, influenced by socio-economic factors. Local culture-driven applications and market idiosyncrasies have shaped preferred thin wall packaging formats in different regions, but there is a high level of standardisation as far as process technology and materials are concerned.

Fuelled by consumer demand for convenient and attractive packaging solutions, Thin Wall Packaging is increasing its penetration within food applications in particular. Facilitated by the expansion of centralised retail distribution, on-the-go convenience formats, and technological advancement in plastics engineering, food processing and packing.

Thin Wall Packaging globally remains very fragmented, but the consolidation initiatives have heightened, and global giants like Berry Global (now incorporating RPC Group), Paccor or Klockner Pentaplast, have changed industry dynamics. Only by probing into the activity of both large and smaller producers can the size and structure of demand be properly demonstrated, and the variations by end-use application highlighted. This depth of analysis serves to highlight opportunities and threats by end-use application and provides insight into winning supplier strategies.


  • Thin wall packaging is defined as rigid plastic thermoformed or injection moulded containers and lids for food and non-food consumer goods, for retail and take-away channels. The term “containers” encompasses trays, pots, tubs, cups, clam-shells, inserts, blister packs, etc.

  • The scope excludes large injection moulded pails for non-food applications (but some small pails for food applications are included), DVD and CD cases, cosmetics packaging and horticultural containers, blow moulded bottles and preforms.

  • Producer volumes for rankings include pails.

End-use applications:

  • For the purposes of this study, the market will be divided into eleven major end-use applications, as follows: Chilled dairy, Foodservice disposables, Fruit & vegetables, Meat, fish & poultry, Frozen food, Delicatessen, Bakery, & snacks, Yellow fats, Chilled meals, Ambient foods, Non-food/Other applications.

Polymer segmentation:

  • The production volumes are expressed in metric tonnes and segmented for PP, PS (including EPS for IM), PET, PVC, Other.

Process segmentation:

  • The principle processes segmented in the report are:
    • Extrusion and thermoforming (integrated and non-integrated)
    • Injection moulding
    • Barrier technologies are contextualised.
  • Data is provided on the years 2015, 2019, forecasts for 2025.

Market structure:

  • Top 10 converters are ranked in each of the 6 regions, and contextualised with site location, annual throughput, regional market share and production technology.
  • In regions with high fragmentation, further players are identified for more insights.  

Geographic coverage:

Data is reported for 6 geographies as follows:

  • Europe (including EU and CIS)
  • North America (including Mexico)
  • South America
  • Middle East (including Turkey) and Africa
  • Indian Subcontinent
  • Asia

In all 6 regions, total production volumes and forecasts are provided for top individual countries (up to 7, depending on market fragmentation). 

The report is supplied as a downloadable PDF with an enterprise-wide license agreement. One printed hard copy of the report is also provided.

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