Top 50 Mechanical Recyclers in Europe 2020

Top 50 Mechanical Recyclers in Europe 2020

The plastics recycling industry has never before been under the spotlight to such a degree as it is today.  Sustainability is ever more relevant in today’s society and plastics waste is at the forefront of many debates and discussions around the drive towards a more circular economy. Accordingly, the issue of waste is increasingly on the agenda of governments around the globe, with new policies and legislation bringing new targets for the recycling of plastics.

Capturing the value of plastics through recycling and reuse not only helps retain a product which currently primarily derives from the earth’s finite natural resources, but also helps prevent the leaking of plastic waste into our environment.

The plastics recycling industry is a complex, dynamic segment with a varied supply stream and value chain.  With prices of recyclate intrinsically linked to the price of virgin resin, demand and the financial viability of the process is often subject to fluctuations in raw material prices.

Rigid polyolefin, particularly HDPE and PP, recycling encompasses a wide range of products, from packaging to pipes, making its supply chain diverse and wide-reaching. The implications of this are that the different waste streams are governed by varying legislation and policy.

Developments in mechanical recycling technology are changing the shape of the plastics recycling industry and increasing the ability to recover more rigid polyolefins in a closed-loop system, helping to retain maximum value. New opportunities are available for those who wish to take advantage of this changing and developing industry.

AMI has prepared the ranking of the European 50 biggest mechanical recyclers to provide a practical reference of key actors’ operations. This multifaceted analysis will serve those looking to invest, or vertically integrate, into the recycling value chain to facilitate their industry orientation. 

Market overview and rankings (ultimate criterion for ranking is annual output volume in tonnes, cumulated across multi-sites).

Review of the leading 50 mechanical recyclers in Europe. Each profile contains:

  • Corporate details: Head office address, telephone, e-mail, web site address, year founded.
  • Ownership details: Name of the ultimate holding company or whether or not publicly or privately held; directors.
  • Business overview: A review of the corporate strategy and development to date in recycling, including recent acquisitions, divestments, investments or other significant business changes.
  • Operational overview: Detailed review of activity on the site level, including: core markets served, source of waste, polymers recycled, contamination level, technology utilised, end product, output capacity 
  • Financial results: Turnover, Profit before tax, EBITDA for the past 4 years available


Price: EUR 1,500

The report is supplied as a downloadable PDF with an enterprise-wide license agreement. To receive a proposal, sample pages or for further information please click the Enquire/Order button above.


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