The Global Market for PP Compounds 2020

The Global Market for PP Compounds 2020

Published: September 2020

The purpose of the report is to provide a PP Compounds perspective of the global market on a systematic and consistent basis. 

The market for PP Compounds is becoming more international as the largest customers, the OEMs, internationalise their manufacturing operations. The trend is most apparent in automotive and large appliance production which are segments that account for a substantial share of PP Compound demand. 

As a consequence of the internationalisation of demand for PP Compounds,  PP Compounders increasingly need to find ways to address the market internationally. A step in this direction is to have a single unified understanding of global supply and demand.

This is the Fifth edition of AMI Consulting annual study on the global supply and demand of PP Compounds. The first four editions were published in June 2014 and July 2015, July 2016, and July 2018.

The purpose of the report is for subscribers to have global PP Compound market information available annually prior to the annual business planning cycle.  Flash data is available on demand in February of each year for the prior year’s global demand.

Product scope:
Mineral filled PP, glass fibre reinforced PP, impact modified PP, other PP compounds and reactor PP resin in automotive.

Data points:
Data is provided for 2017, 2019 and 2024 with reference back to earlier data where beneficial.

Global, split by region.

The report is supplied as a downloadable PDF with an enterprise-wide license agreement. One printed hard copy of the report is also provided in a PowerPoint format.

Further information:
To receive a proposal or for further information please click the Enquire/Order button above or contact John Nash (

AMI Consulting also publishes a detailed European PP compounds report every 3 years.


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