Feedstock availability for plastics recycling Europe 2022

Feedstock availability for plastics recycling Europe 2022

Published: December 2022

Market background
Recycling and sustainability has become the most discussed topic within the plastics industry over the previous few years.  It is now relevant to all those involved in the plastics supply chain. 

Mechanical recycling levels have been rapidly increasing, and new chemical recycling initiatives are in planning or soon to be commercialized.  This has led to questions over the availability of feedstock for recycling. 

This brand new first edition report looks at the ever-increasing issue of feedstock availability for both mechanical and chemical plastics recycling. Focusing on post-consumer packaging waste, the report provides a comprehensive analysis of the waste plastics value chain from the point of disposal, to the point the plastic exits a material recovery facility destined for a recycler or incineration/landfill. Essential insights are given for key countries on a country by country basis, to help you understand the collection and sorting of plastics waste, understand trends, address industry challenges and assess future availability of feedstock for recycling.

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Report scope

The report covers the waste management of post-consumer plastics packaging from disposal through to feedstock for recycling, incineration or landfill.

Waste plastics scope

  • Household/ municipal packaging waste
  • Commercial packaging waste

The geographic scope is the European market, comprising the EU 27 plus 3 (United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland)


The report is supplied as a downloadable PDF with an enterprise-wide license agreement. One printed hard copy of the report will also be provided.

Further information:

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