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Live presentation with Q&A: 15 June 2021, 10am BST

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Make sustainability gains in flexible packaging conversion.

Flexible packaging converters recognise sustainability as a key development factor on their agenda. The major players try to reassure stakeholders by measuring and reporting on their efforts to reduce energy consumption, water usage, CO2 emissions and waste to landfill. Future recycling commitments are also prevalent.

Converters are continually increasing the number of converting activities they do themselves inhouse, such as metallisation and barrier coextrusion, which used to be a specialised film manufacturer sub-division. Lots of converters now undertake metallisation and are thus eating into the lunch of film manufacturers. There is a heightened focus on increasing hardware productive time, especially on printing presses. Reducing set up and down times have been facilitated by more user-friendly gravure and flexo presses.

Sustainability is a complex subject. While big converters have the resources to measure key parameters, unified Life Cycle Analysis approaches are still missing. A lot of commitments have been made about recycled content within the next few years, but these goals can only be achieved at an economic cost.

There is too little emphasis on the total supply chain in delivering sustainability messages, e.g where and how are raw materials used, how are they transformed and what is the final route to the customer.

Obtain an unparalleled review of packaging substrates and discover the technical initiatives where sustainability gains can be made in flexible packaging conversion. 


The Sustainability in Flexible Packaging Insight Report will help you:

  • Navigate the sustainability context and key drivers for pragmatic business actions
  • Review technology and substrate innovations via a credible industry expert lens
  • Access technical and market insights through our succinct reference report and presentation (available to view on demand)
  • Meet the industry expert to tailor insights to your business needs on live online platform


What’s included in our Sustainability in Flexible Packaging Insight Report?

  •  Live online presentation with our industry expert Jonathan Fowle on Tuesday 15 June 2021 
  •  Live Q&A session after the presentation to discuss and answer your questions.
  •  On-demand access to the live presentation and Q&A to watch again at your convenience
  •  A focussed and concise report, available as a PDF download for easy reference


Buy the Insight Report

  • Live presentation and on-demand access and supporting PDF Insight Report: €1,000
  • Additional presentation place with on-demand access: €100


About the live presentation

The 1-hour live presentation by Jonathan Fowle will take place on Tuesday 15 June 2021 at 10am BST.

During this presentation, all participants will have the opportunity to pose questions to Jonathan, which will be answered in the Q&A session, following the presentation.


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About The Expert

Jonathan Fowle

Jonathan Fowle is a leading expert in the flexible packaging industry, with more than 25 years at senior management level, including Group Innovation Director at Amcor. For the past 17 years, he has worked across the globe with several leading converters on strategic, operational and commercial issues.

Read the interview with Jonathan about trends in flexible packaging

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Report Content

Setting the Scene:

  • Flexible packaging – global market size & growth trends
  • Flexibles vs rigids
  • War on plastic
  • Legislative context
  • Recycling status


Value chain activity:

  • Converter developments and case studies
  • OEM initiatives

 Material developments:

  • Review of materials used in flexible packaging
  • The future of mono-material laminates
  • Sustainable materials – sourcing, conversion, brand-owner and consumer perspectives, end of live scenarios
  • Barrier options and sustainable barrier developments
  • Biodegradables/Compostables
  • Paper
  • Potential sustainable flexible packaging solutions


Report Scope

Substrate analysis and insights:

  • PE
  • CPP
  • Nylon
  • Aluminium
  • Paper
  • Other, including bio-resins, PVdC, EVOH

Process insights:

  • High barrier processes
  • Extrusion
  • Printing
  • Lamination
  • Decomplexity
  • Downgauging


Geographical insights of:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Central and South America
  • Asia and Oceania
  • Africa and Middle East


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