• Sustainability drive creates new growth opportunities for Cast PP films in Europe

    Sustainability drive creates new growth opportunities for Cast PP films in Europe

    AMI, Bristol, 16/08/21 – Cast PP Films – The European Market, is a brand new report from leading plastics market intelligence providers, AMI. The company has leveraged its expertise and proven methodology in other consumer and industrial films, to complete this new study for 2021.The report provides critical insight and analysis of the production, capacity and demand of Cast PP (polypropylene) film (CPP) in Europe, together with trends in key consumer and industrial applications.

    Demand for Cast PP films continues to grow. The heat resistant properties of the film are invaluable to food packaging converters as well as those catering to the medical and healthcare market, sectors which have proven themselves to be Covid-19 resilient industries.

    The Covid-19 pandemic also caused consumers to become more concerned with sterility and safety of their products, choosing sealed products other unpackaged, or those with loose wrapping. This stalled the “less plastic packaging” trend although this is expected to pick up as sustainability comes back to the fore.

    Although Cast PP film is used worldwide, the market in Europe is of particular interest, being at the forefront of the drive to sustainability and the circular economy. Amid tightening regulations on recycling and surging media and public concern around plastic litter, companies across the plastics value chain are investigating how to mitigate this potential threat to the plastic films sector. Cast PP films can be utilised in mono-polymer and polyolefin “recycle-ready” film constructions, making it a go-to film for many packaging applications, and spurring future growth opportunities.

    The study explores the variety of different properties that Cast PP films can offer the end-user, and the trends which differ by application. Each of these properties and more, is explored by end-use sector, whether in food packaging, non-food packaging or other technical applications.

    New manufacturing techniques are providing further options for versatility, and new Cast PP film lines confirmed for future production are earmarked for capacity expansion or upgrading lines for better speed and efficiency.

    There is still a West/East divide in terms of packaging use. Cast PP production is growing in new geographic locations, which will prompt a change in trade flows. 

    Food packaging accounts for the largest production volume globally, with growth continuing to be spurred by changing consumer lifestyles which require more convenience products, especially those which require heat resistance, such as retort and sterilisable pack formats.

    In contrast, the production of Cast PP film for stationery is declining as a result of the move to paperless offices. As a consequence, food packaging’s share of overall Cast PP production is increasing.

    Companies active in the industry, in addition to those considering entering the market for the first time, must understand the trends that determine aspects including future industry size and structure. In this competitive market, knowledge is critical to the development of successful strategies for growth in sales and profitability.

    AMI’s new report Cast PP Films – the European Market provides an independent assessment of the industry. Key issues addressed in the study include production and demand drivers in significant countries of production, in addition to a review of trade from further afield. Cast PP film production is also analysed by end-use application and pack format type, with a review of competitive film structures and a forecast to 2025.  

    This comprehensive study builds on and expands AMI's successful reports and databases related to the PP film industry and enables industry players to:

    • Get unrivalled data on the size and structure of the industry in Europe
    • Identify key material trends for consumer and industrial films
    • Assess growth dynamics
    • Understand the evolution of trade flows and impact on supply
    • Evaluate the future outlook for Cast PP film production and trade

    Further information: Andrea Jenn, Consultant – Flexible Films, AMI Consulting
    T \ +44 (0)117 924 9442 E \

  • European recycling industry prepares for larger volumes of post-use flexible polyolefin films becoming available

    European recycling industry prepares for larger volumes of post-use flexible polyolefin films becoming available

    A new report from AMI Consulting published in June 2021 presents a comprehensive analysis of the state of play and future outlook for the recycling of flexible polyolefin films in Europe. It analyses the industry’s operating environment, and the particular challenges involved in the collection, sorting and recycling of flexible films.

    In preparing the report, AMI’s comprehensive and detailed in-house data on virgin polymer demand, polymer end use applications, and recycling capacities was combined with an extensive research programme including conversations with a wide range of industry participants.

    The quantitative analysis includes a focus on volumes of post-use flexible polyolefin films generated as waste by end use sector and, considering collection rates, levels of contamination and international trade in post-use plastics, an assessment of the volumes of post-use films available to EU+3 recyclers as inputs into the recycling extrusion process. The latter data point is of particular importance given it marks the new calculation point for the EU’s recycling targets. Data is provided for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021, with forecasts for 2025 and 2030.

    Read the full press release here: European recycling industry prepares for larger volumes of post-use flexible polyolefin films becoming available

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