• Engineering developments drive growth for PP compounds

    Engineering developments drive growth for PP compounds

    AMI Consulting, Bristol, 25/07/2018– According to an authoritative report published in July 2018 by industry consultants, AMI Consulting, global demand for Polypropylene Compounds is rising strongly on the back of engineering developments in automotive and electrical appliances. The automotive industry is striving to reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency as well as wrestling with how to adapt to a market in which exceptionally fast growth in hybrid and electrical vehicles is underway. Considerable growth for PP Compounds arises from property developments which have enabled PP Compounds to displace metal in semi-structural applications like instrument carriers, door panels and front-ends.

    The study segments the market by region, product family and application. Within the automotive segment which is the largest market for PP Compounds, applications are split into interiors, exteriors and underhood.

    You can read the full press release here:  PR- The global market for PP Compounds 2018

  • Plastics recycling in Europe – A waste of your time or a wasted opportunity?

    Plastics recycling in Europe – A waste of your time or a wasted opportunity?

    AMI Consulting, Bristol, UK 26/07/18 – According to a recently published study by leading industry consultants Applied Market Information Ltd. (AMI Consulting), the plastics recycling industry will have to develop and grow considerably to meet 2030 EU plastics packaging recycling targets, along with the effect of the Chinese waste import ban.

    The study expects that the current output capacity of the recycling industry in Europe will need to more than double by 2030 to meet targets.  The challenge in growing capacity, is that the plastics recycling industry is a complex, dynamic segment with a varied supply stream and value chain.  With prices of recyclate intrinsically linked to the price of virgin resin, demand and the financial viability of the process is often subject to fluctuations in raw material prices.  Due to this, demand for recyclate is increasingly coming down to brand owners desire to be seen as ‘environmentally friendly’ and ‘green’ and not down to financial incentives.  This is primarily due to sustainability becoming increasingly more important to consumers, and plastic receiving considerable negative press bringing it to the forefront of many debates and discussions.  Capturing the value of plastics through reuse and recycling not only helps retain a product which currently primarily derives from the earth’s finite natural resources, but also helps prevent the leaking of plastic waste into the ecosystem and create a circular economy.  Because of this the plastics recycling industry is gaining growing attention.   

    You can read the full press release here:  PR- Plastics Recycling Industry - Europe 2018

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