• European recycling industry prepares for larger volumes of post-use flexible polyolefin films becoming available

    European recycling industry prepares for larger volumes of post-use flexible polyolefin films becoming available

    A new report from AMI Consulting published in June 2021 presents a comprehensive analysis of the state of play and future outlook for the recycling of flexible polyolefin films in Europe. It analyses the industry’s operating environment, and the particular challenges involved in the collection, sorting and recycling of flexible films.

    In preparing the report, AMI’s comprehensive and detailed in-house data on virgin polymer demand, polymer end use applications, and recycling capacities was combined with an extensive research programme including conversations with a wide range of industry participants.

    The quantitative analysis includes a focus on volumes of post-use flexible polyolefin films generated as waste by end use sector and, considering collection rates, levels of contamination and international trade in post-use plastics, an assessment of the volumes of post-use films available to EU+3 recyclers as inputs into the recycling extrusion process. The latter data point is of particular importance given it marks the new calculation point for the EU’s recycling targets. Data is provided for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021, with forecasts for 2025 and 2030.

    Read the full press release here: European recycling industry prepares for larger volumes of post-use flexible polyolefin films becoming available

  • Berry BPI, USDA, ExxonMobil, Imaflex to speak at the Agricultural Film virtual congress

    Berry BPI, USDA, ExxonMobil, Imaflex to speak at the Agricultural Film virtual congress

    After the great success of the global edition of AMI’s online event Agricultural Film, we are excited to release the agenda for the Agricultural Film Americas virtual congress, taking place on August 17 -19, 2021.

    Agriculture has been highlighted as an area of rapid technological advance, necessitated by world food demand, and recent developments in agricultural films are a prime example of this. At the virtual congress you will discover global cutting-edge advances in film technology, update your knowledge on key market trends and sustainability strategies, allowing you to understand the size of your opportunity in the Americas agricultural film markets. The online event offers plenty of opportunities for productive networking to foster closer industry cooperation and encourage the exchange of market and technical information with like-minded professionals. 

    The agenda will provide a deep dive on the industry’s evolution, how film producers are taking advantage of growth dynamics and ultimately where the opportunities are.  Our speakers and panellists, including representatives from Berry BPI, USDA, ExxonMobil, Imaflex and more, will review the latest trends in demand, production and innovations in greenhouse, mulch and silage films from different perspectives of the supply chain.

    Elena Mozzato, AMI Consultant, working on the Agricultural Film event says: “We will look at new manufacturing technologies in multi-layer films, novelties in resin formulation, improved properties, additional functionalities, as well as practical product applications and case studies. We will discuss recycling and lifecycle of agricultural films, end of life considerations and other waste management options, such as collection, washing, sorting etc, looking at challenges, limitations but also opportunities. Within the circular economy and sustainability topic, we will cover biodegradable films, biomaterials development and the use of renewables”.

    In addition to the three-day agenda, the online platform also hosts a virtual exhibition area, allowing all attendees to explore and interact with the industry key players showcasing their products. During the designated networking sessions, professionals can connect via private meetings, scheduled with their chosen contacts from across the supply chain, including resin and masterbatch producers to film extruders, regulators, recyclers and growers.

    You can see the virtual congress agenda and book your place at

  • NKT, Prysmian Group, Eifelkabel, TenneT TSO, Entex Rust & Mitschke will be joining our Cables conference

    NKT, Prysmian Group, Eifelkabel, TenneT TSO, Entex Rust & Mitschke will be joining our Cables conference

    AMI is excited to release the programme for our leading European Cables conference. This event will take place, in-person in Cologne on 14-16 September 2021.

    After running a number of virtual events, we are so pleased to be preparing for this exciting LIVE conference. This will be the 21st edition of one of our longest running events. Cables has established itself as a key meeting place for the wire and cable industry to discuss the latest information on the market, growing end-use applications, innovations in materials, testing procedures and cable manufacturing processes.

    “AMI’s Cables conference is a valuable and important annual meeting of the industry with good opportunities for exchange and growth in knowledge and expertise”Materials Development Engineer, CORNING OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS GmbH & Co. KG

    AMI Consulting has recently updated our market report, which has helped drive forward the programme development allowing us to invite key players across the industry to cover recent projects (e.g. German corridors), updates in processibility and fire resistance and advances in raw materials for e-mobility.

    Speakers include Carsten Wolff presenting on behalf of NKT, Benjamin Ferlay from PRYSMIAN GROUP, a joint case study by Frank Fuchs of ENTEX RUST & MITSCHKE and Detlef Wald of EIFELKABEL, Dr. Roland Dongping Zhang will join us from TENNET TSO, and of course AMI’s own Cristina de Santos.

    Cristina de Santos, Unit Manager – Energy & Infrastructure, AMI Consulting comments ‘We’re looking forward to this exciting edition of Cables and to hear from these fantastic speakers’

    Alongside the 2-day conference agenda, there are numerous networking opportunities including exhibition and refreshment breaks throughout, a cocktail reception on 14th September and a networking dinner following the first day of presentations. Attendees will get the chance to meet with their peers, the speakers, sponsors and exhibitors over coffee, meal, and drinks.

    For more information and to book your place, click here

    Or contact the organiser, Camille Lemercier at 

  • The Polyolefin Additives 2021 programme has been released

    The Polyolefin Additives 2021 programme has been released

    We are pleased to release the programme for our established Polyolefin Additives conference, taking place in Berlin, Germany on 26-28 October 2021.

    Highlights of the programme include:

    • Focus on China: Market trends and projections for the Chinese polyolefin market post-Covid-19
    • Looking at the regulatory developments for the polyolefin additive industry
    • Systematic study of PCR stabilisation with standard antioxidants
    • A new generation of stabilisers for high-quality polyolefine recyclates
    • Round Table Discussions - Regulatory Updates, The Pandemic and Sustainability – Led by the advisory board


    We have been working closely with our Advisory Board to help build this exciting agenda. Our Advisory Board is made up of leading names within the industry who have shared their knowledge, expertise and contacts to ensure this conference continues to deliver relevant and interesting content for the entire supply chain.

    Jordaine Minchin, Conference Producer – Polyolefin Additives, says ‘It’s been fantastic working alongside the advisory board, they’ve really helped me understand the industry drivers which we’ve reflected in the agenda’

    View the programme and book your place, here

    Looking to increase your exposure at the event? There is a range of sponsorship and exhibition packages to help you gain the most from your attendance. Visit the website or contact the Conference Organiser to discuss your options: Louella Osano E/ or T/+44 (0)117 314 8111   


  • Strong global polyethylene film production fuelled by food packaging innovations and emerging markets

    Strong global polyethylene film production fuelled by food packaging innovations and emerging markets

    AMI, Bristol, 29/06/21 – AMI’s brand new report Polyethylene Film – The Global Market maps the worldwide landscape of production and trade flows in the polyethylene (PE) film industry, together with providing critical insight on resin usage and demand trends in key consumer and industrial applications.

    Common technology platforms and the commoditisation of polyethylene grades means the film extrusion market is becoming increasingly global. Together with changing patterns of demand, the PE film industry is entering a new era, with more mature Western markets, China’s push towards greater self-sufficiency and resin supply migrating to faster growing markets such as India, or to areas with a feedstock advantage i.e. North America and the Middle East.

    Asia and Australasia remains the largest production hub for PE film, with China the single largest manufacturing nation.  From a demand perspective, it is developing markets, fuelled by young and growing populations, urbanisation and emerging middle classes, which offer the most growth potential.  Meanwhile, in mature Western markets, growth rates are lower and producers are more focused on customised technical innovation to increase the range of end-use applications. Sustainability and environmental concerns are also shaping production trends and influencing material innovation in all regions, including MDO-PE and BOPE for mono-material, “recycle-ready” packaging.

    The progression of end-use applications varies, influenced by socio-economic factors and regional market maturity. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare and hygiene films were already enjoying robust growth, albeit from a low base, to cater to the needs of aging populations and improving medical provisions in emerging markets. The onset of the pandemic brought soaring additional demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). In response, many companies pivoted their operations into areas of high demand, such as medical aprons and other disposables.

    Food packaging accounts for the largest production volume globally, with growth continuing to be spurred by changing consumer lifestyles which require more convenience products. This category has also benefitted from increased demand during the pandemic, with consumers appreciative of its safety and hygiene benefits.

    In contrast, the production of PE film for retail carrier bags is declining as a result of taxes and bans on the production and/or distribution of single-use lightweight plastic (primarily HDPE) retail bags in countries around the world.  As a consequence, HDPE’s share of overall polymer use is declining.

    Companies active in the industry in addition to those considering entering the market for the first time, must understand the trends that determine aspects including future industry size and structure. In this competitive market, knowledge is critical to the development of successful strategies for growth in sales and profitability.

    The 2021 edition of AMI’s Polyethylene Films – The Global Market report provides a detailed independent assessment of the industry which is becoming increasingly global in scope. Key issues addressed in the study include production and demand drivers in each of six global regions, in addition to a detailed review of global imports and exports data. Film and bag production is also analysed by end-use application and raw material type, with a forecast to 2025.

    This comprehensive study builds on and expands AMI's successful reports and databases related to the PE film industry and enables industry players to:

    • Get unrivalled data on the size and structure of the global industry
    • Identify key material trends for consumer and industrial films
    • Assess growth dynamics
    • Determine supply economics by region
    • Understand the evolution of trade flows and impact on supply
    • Evaluate the future outlook for global PE film production and trade


    For further information please contact:Charmaine Russell, Consumer and Industrial Films Unit Manager, AMI Consulting
    +44 (0)117 924 9442,


  • Amcor and Nova Chemicals amongst varied speaker line-up at the Multilayer Flexible Packaging virtual congress

    Amcor and Nova Chemicals amongst varied speaker line-up at the Multilayer Flexible Packaging virtual congress

    For more than 10 years, AMI's Multilayer Flexible Packaging conference and exhibition have brought together people from throughout the global supply chain, and this year will be no different.

    The event will take place online from June 28-30, 2021. The virtual congress specific to the North American market is held over three days, from 11:30am EST, and covers the latest material and technological advances in films, raw materials, production techniques and applications that are setting the new standards for flexible packaging excellence.

    Flexible packaging is a dynamic industry, undergoing significant public attention in recent years. The pressure is on for the flexible packaging industry to prove its value and contribution to society and the environment and demonstrate the huge technological advances being made in the industry to this end. Across the value chain, from brand-owner to crucial sealing technology, businesses are adapting to huge and often conflicting demands, weighing up sustainability and performance to hit the right balance of product protection and barrier, with optimum use of materials.

    These drivers are explored during the three-day program with contributions from leading packaging converters such as ProAmpac and Amcor, whose presentations will discuss drivers for change in eCommerce, and in materials recovery.

    Presentations will include:

    • “HD-BOPE – an essential building block for recyclable packaging” – presented by Dr. Bronwyn Gillon, Application Development Scientist at NOVA Chemicals
    • “Producing sustainable PO based barrier films with the Triple Bubble® Process” – presented by Adolfo Edgar, VP - Blown Film Systems - U.S. & Canada at Kuhne Anlagenbau 
    • “PHA: Better end-of-life options for fast moving product packaging applications” – presented by Brad Rogers, Vice President Of Technology at Danimer Scientific
    • “Finding value in multi-layer film recycling” – presented by Neil Gloger of NG Trading LLC


    The speakers list also includes flexible film manufacturers such as Futamura and Terphane, and advanced materials suppliers such as ExxonMobil, Ingenia and Bostik.

    Multilayer Flexible Packaging 2021 brings together representatives from across the supply chain, offering opportunities to network, learn about the latest developments and identify new opportunities in multilayer flexible packaging. 

    To view the speakers and the full program, click here.   

    For further information on attending or sponsoring this event, please contact Ms. Lorna Grey, Conference Organizer, on Tel: +1 610 478 0800 or


  • Demand for single ply roofing membranes sustained by growth in German construction

    Demand for single ply roofing membranes sustained by growth in German construction

    According to AMI Consulting's latest report, published 17/05/2021, demand for single ply roofing membranes in Europe was sustained in 2020 by strong demand in Germany.

    2020 was a year like no other. The construction industry had to navigate lockdowns, labour shortages, interruptions to materials supplies and acute social and economic uncertainty. As many projects were put on hold, the focus turned to completing buildings already under construction. Consumers, with reduced physical access to shops, went on-line for their purchases creating huge stresses and strains for the infrastructure and the buildings needed to deliver on-line purchases. Demand for logistics buildings capacity went through the roof. Elsewhere, consumers unable to socialise, unable to holiday, forced to work from home spent like never before on home improvements. On the other hand, owners of shops, offices and factories cut building expenditure sharply in 2020 partly to preserve cash and partly because of the challenges in organising building work.

    In amongst all this turmoil, demand for roofing materials dropped sharply in the early months of 2020 before recovering strongly to end the year, only a little lower than 2019 as measured by demand for polymeric membranes. While roofing membrane demand fell in France, Italy and the UK, this was counterbalanced by growth in Germany.

    Read the full press release here

  • CEFIC, Alliance to End Plastic Waste and Unilever all confirmed to speak at Chemical Recycling 2021 conference

    CEFIC, Alliance to End Plastic Waste and Unilever all confirmed to speak at Chemical Recycling 2021 conference

    The programme for the second edition of Chemical Recycling has been released. The conference will take place on 27-28 September 2021 at the InterContinental Hotel, Düsseldorf, Germany.

    The two-day event will offer attendees the chance to update their knowledge on chemical recycling and fully understand the range of technologies, outputs, and concepts available as well as how they can help to meet local and national recycling targets.  

    Key presentations include:

    • “Chemical recycling and enabling policy environment: two keys to reach EU recycling targets” presented by Dr. Mohammad Hayatifar, Secretary General at Chemical Recycling Europe
    • “Chemical Recycling: Challenges and solutions” presented by Jean-Christophe Lesguillier, Project Manager at The Alliance to End Plastic Waste
    • “End-to-End value chain collaboration to enable chemical recycling” presented by Dr. Colin Kerr, Packaging Technology Director at Unilever
    • “Transitioning towards a circular economy with advanced recycling technologies” presented by Inari Seppä, Innovation Director at Eastman Chemical Company
    • “Chemical Recycling: Accelerating the transition into a circular economy for plastics” presented by Henk Pool, Innovation Manager at European Chemical Industry Council - CEFIC

    Chemical recycling has in the last few years come to the fore as a tool to address the growing waste plastics problem due to its ability to handle what has previously been considered “difficult to recycle” plastics. It has garnered interest from across the industry, from petrochemical companies, waste management, machinery producers and brand owners. Many announcements of commitments to develop chemical recycling have been made, although high levels of investment, lengthy scale up processes and lack of supporting legislation have proved stumbling blocks to considerable advancement.

    AMI’s Chemical Recycling 2021 conference will build on the knowledge gained in the 2020 virtual event, and further explore the challenges and opportunities in the chemical recycling market. Presentations will look at technologies, outlooks, regulations and how the industry must work together to close the loop and bring about a fully circular economy that includes chemical recycling as a major contributor to increase recycling rates and lower carbon emissions.

    In addition to industry presentations, the conference includes opportunities for extended discussions and idea sharing. Delegates will be offered unrivalled opportunities to network, exchange experiences and learn through interaction with key representatives from all areas of the recycling value chain. This conference is a must-attend for anyone wishing to stay up to date on the latest developments in the dynamic market of chemical recycling.

    The conference will be held two days before AMI’s Plastics Recycling World Expo, which takes place at the Messe Essen in Germany on 29-30 September 2021. This free exhibition will feature leading suppliers to plastics recyclers as well as exhibitors of materials, additives, and relevant services. It will be co-located with Compounding World Expo, Plastics Extrusion World Expo, and Polymer Testing World Expo.

    By running the Chemical Recycling conference and AMI's plastics industry expos back-to-back, you will have access to a whole week of networking and knowledge sharing from industry professionals from across the whole recycling supply chain and more. 

    See the full conference programme and book your place here

    For further information on attending, exhibiting, or sponsoring this event, please contact Louella Osano, Conference Organiser on Tel: +44 117 314 8111 or

  • The European cables market recovers strongly from the  COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to grow

    The European cables market recovers strongly from the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to grow

    AMI Consulting have just published the new edition of its in-depth market report that analyses the use of polymeric materials in the European cables industry.

    This niche but high value market saw an increase of 2.8% per year between 2016 and 2019. During this time, the problems suffered by the automotive sector offset the growth seen across other applications such as renewables or telecommunications. In 2020, the industry was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular during the first half of the year. However, the market has seen a strong beginning of 2021 and it is expected to reach pre-COVID levels despite the raw material sourcing issues faced across the supply chain early in the year. The future for cables in Europe looks bright as it is expected to grow at a faster rate between 2019 (pre-COVID levels) and 2025. Growth will be mainly driven by investment in infrastructure, construction and renewables.

    Read the full press release

  • Injection molding expo will debut in Detroit in March 2022

    Injection molding expo will debut in Detroit in March 2022

    AMI and the Crain Global Polymer Group are launching a major American exhibition focused on the design and production of injection molded plastic parts and products. The first Injection Molding and Design Expo will take place on March 16-17, 2022 at the TCF Center (formerly the Cobo Center) in Detroit, Michigan, USA. It is backed by Crain’s Plastics News and AMI’s Injection World magazines.

    The exhibition and its three focused conference theaters will be free to attend to ensure they attract a large audience of relevant specifiers and buyers from throughout the supply chain. Exhibitors that have already booked booths at the event include Wittmann Battenfeld, KraussMaffei, Tederic, Fast Heat, Mastip, Beaumont Technologies, Polykemi and Zeiger Industries.

    Read the full press release here

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