• Versatility and sustainability. Does BOPET have the answer?

    Versatility and sustainability. Does BOPET have the answer?

    BOPET film is one of the fastest growing polymer film substrates. Growth is driven by its extensive use in both packaging and technical applications due to its unique combination of properties, excellent processability, adhesion to coatings and adhesives and great decorative appeal.

    Capacity is forecast to increase by over 50% by 2023, with the biggest surge in capacity during 2013-2018. In 2018, global BOPET capacity is estimated at 6.7 million tonnes, with the biggest volume located in China.

    To read the full press release, click here Versatility and sustainability. Does BOPET have the answer?

  • AMI defines and quantifies Single-Use Plastic Packaging in Europe

    AMI defines and quantifies Single-Use Plastic Packaging in Europe

    AMI Consulting has published its authoritative report defining and accounting for a true scale ofsingle-use plastic packagingin Europe. This timely and strategic analysis of the present European sustainability strategies navigates through policy measures and packaging regulations to uncover the impact new legislation will have on the packaging industry.

    Consumer drive for convenience and mis-management of packaging waste has resulted in the proliferation of single-use plastic packaging, which negatively affects our natural environment. The industry is now facing actions scrutinising its role in a circular economy, calling forsingle-use plastic packagingto be treated as a resource that should be captured and harnessed rather than a waste product flippantly disposed of.

    Addressing single-use plastic packaging proliferation is a global matter and Europe is well on the path of leading by example. With one of the largest economic contributions for packaging developments, the European plastics industry is well-positioned to establish best practice and drive the future of packaging towards a more sustainable model. The changing market conditions in Europe will place global players in a strong position to quickly respond to changes in other regions of the world wanting to transition towards more sustainable packaging.

    Read the full press release here: AMI defines and quantifies Single-Use Plastic Packaging in Europe

  • Plastic: Design for Sustainability, a thought-leadership conference on design, sustainability and materials

    Plastic: Design for Sustainability, a thought-leadership conference on design, sustainability and materials

    The​ 2nd edition of AMI's Plastic: Design for Sustainability conference will take place at the Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm, in Berlin, Germany, from 10-11 December 2019.

    The value of plastic used by the consumer on a global scale is €1870bn - equating to over 300 million tonnes of polymer usage - per year. This growing preference to specify plastic in products highlights its superior performance over more tradition materials, due to its light weight, strength and design flexibility. However, the lack of ‘end-of-life’ solutions for such products and their leakage into the environment is casting doubt on its viability as a material. As a result, with an ever-increasing focus on the bearing that plastics have on the planet, designers, brand owners and all those involved in the plastics supply chain are under mounting pressure to develop products that have minimal impact on the environment, and designed with their end-of-life in mind to create a circular economy.

    AMI's Plastic: Design for Sustainability conference is targeting this issue, to offer opportunities for practitioners to consider how to link long-term sustainability with design and material development.

    The two-day programme covers all aspects of designing plastics with sustainability in mind, from initial material choice – be it biopolymers or the increased use of recycled materials – through to the do’s and don’ts of designing for recyclability. Find out from the designers themselves, including BPO, FLEX DESIGN and BETTER FUTURE FACTORY, how they bridge the gap between sustainability and plastics. Hear first-hand from the recyclers on now to enhance the yield from waste plastics and design products to enable recycling and create circularity. Other key speakers on the programme include: MTM PLASTICS, P&G, PLASTIC RECYCLERS EUROPE and AVERY DENNISON, giving a truly holistic approach to designing for sustainability.

    AMI conferences boast a truly international audience, from Europe to the United States and Asia. They offer unrivalled opportunities for representatives of the entire supply chain to share their experience and learn through interaction with colleagues, suppliers, customers and competitors.

    In addition to the two-day programme, the conference includes plenty of networking opportunities and an exhibition area to enable attendees to connect. This AMI conference is the latest edition within its sustainability portfolio, drawing attention to this key topic. By hosting it in the dynamic city of Berlin, a UNESCO-appointed City of Design and innovative advocate of sustainability and development, AMI is bringing the right experts to the right place at the right time.

    The view the full programme and to register, click here

    For further information on attending, exhibiting or sponsoring this event, please contact Mr. Thom Crawley, Conference Organiser, on or T:+44 117 314 8111 

  • The future of 3D print

    The future of 3D print

    3D printing technologies are developing rapidly, with the industry pushing further towards full scale production of industrial parts and consumer products in a number of applications. 

    At the same time, there are increasing requirements for polymers to meet emerging mechanical performance, visual quality and process demands and unlocking a wide array of possibilities in production and product development.

    AMI’s Polymers for 3D Printing conference explores the development, production and application of innovative polymers and compounds for 3D printing and other rapid manufacturing technologies.  It takes place on 11 - 12 December 2019 at the Meliá Düsseldorf hotel, and brings together the field to identify new market opportunities and debate new ways to add value in this evolving market.

    The event will open with a look into the future state of the additive manufacturing industry, with a presentation from the Dyson School of Engineering at Imperial College London.

    Incumbent polymers such as PLA and ABS are being challenged by recent advancement in materials such as TPU, PEEK and PEI. In addition, new developments such as 3D printable photopolymer resins and antimicrobial polymers are opening up exciting new application possibilities.  In a packed session on polymers, expert speakers from Elix Polymers, Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics Europe, BASF 3D Printing Solutions, Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Photocentric, Bieglo, and the University of Nottingham will showcase a variety of material innovations.

    3D printed composite materials offer some exciting opportunities for light weighting and the replacement of metal in industrial sectors. Industry leaders Mark3D, CEAD and the Brightlands Materials Center come together in a session dedicated to developments in continuous fibres for parts manufacturing.

    Day two opens with a presentation fromDeutsche Bahnon their use of 3D printing in the rail sector.  This is followed by DSM Additive Manufacturing and Stratasys discussing cutting edge applications utilising high performance polymers.

    The conference concludes with an extensive look at innovative process developments within fused filament fabrication, laser sintering and SLA from companies including Sinterit, Colorfabb, Protiq, Formlabs, Nanocyl and Re:3D.

    In addition to a busy two-day programme, there will be an accompanying exhibition with plenty of networking opportunities during the refreshments breaks, lunches and an evening cocktail reception.

    Polymers for 3D Printing 2019 will provide a unique and timely international platform for anyone involved in the development of specialised polymers for 3D printing, filament extrusion, or rapid prototype production, to gain clear insight into the evolving material demands of the additive manufacturing industry and future market opportunities.

    To view the full programme, click here.  

    11 - 12 December 2019, Meliá Düsseldorf hotel

    For details on sponsoring, exhibiting or registering for this event, please contact:

    Harriet White, Conference Organiser at, T +44 (0) 117 314 8111 

  • New report on polymer demand in Europe

    New report on polymer demand in Europe

    European polymer demand is set to grow by 1.5%/year to 2023, according to our latest report, Polymer Demand in Europe 2019.

    This subdued forecast masks a myriad of changes that the industry is facing. First and foremost, public outcry against plastic waste has intensified and policymakers have proposed a raft of measures to tackle the issue.

    For example, the EU Commission is aiming to make all packaging recyclable by 2030, asking for the industry to voluntarily lead the way. In addition, in March 2019, the European Parliament signed off on legislation banning single-use plastic items such as plates, cutlery, straws and cotton bud sticks. The ban will come in to force in 2021. Plastic bottles will also have to contain at least 25% recycled content by 2025 and 30% by 2030. What is clear is that the floodgates have well and truly opened. Whether by legislation or due to consumer pressure, the packaging industry is facing significant adjustment in the coming years.

    Read the full press release here: Polymer demand in Europe 2019

  • Polymer demand in Africa 2019

    Polymer demand in Africa 2019

    Our new report, published in July 2019 has unveiled the scale and growth prospects of African polymer demand.

    The report makes clear that Africa represents one of the least developed but highest potential markets for polymers in the world today. Fundamental megatrends such as population growth, a burgeoning middle class thanks to income per capita growth and rising urbanisation rates give rise to a strong growth outlook for the region. In addition, government policies such as greater infrastructure investment, economic diversification strategies and the prospect of greater FDI driven in part by the development of special economic zones offer a favourable backdrop. The relative immaturity of the market and the amount of room to grow offers a vast opportunity for those willing to take the risk. Indeed, only a few countries in Africa have large plastic processing sectors and many import substantial volumes of plastic goods.

    Read the full press release here: Polymer Demand in Africa 2019

  • More than 200 exhibitors sign up for next year’s plastics shows in Essen

    More than 200 exhibitors sign up for next year’s plastics shows in Essen


    More than 200 companies have already booked stands at four exhibitions focused on plastics recycling, compounding, extrusion and testing, which will take place at Messe Essen in Germany on 3-4 June 2020.

    The Plastics Recycling World Expo, Plastics Extrusion World Expo, Compounding World Expo and Polymer Testing World Expo will be free to attend. They will feature five free conference theatres hosting business debates, technical presentations and training seminars. Last year’s debut event in Essen attracted more than 4,000 visitors.

    “We already have more exhibitors than we did at our launch event in Germany in 2018, and we still have over nine months to go,” said Andy Beevers, events director at AMI, the organiser of the expos. “The vast majority of exhibitors at the first expos have rebooked their stands, and lots of new names are signing up, having witnessed the size and quality of the audience at Essen last year.”

    The 200+ companies that have already reserved stands at the event include leading producers of polymers, additives, compounds and masterbatches, such as BASF, Borealis, Cabot, Chemours, Clariant, Dow, Evonik, Gabriel Chemie, Imerys, Mitsui, Omya, Solvay and Wacker. They will be joined at the Essen shows by major waste management and recycling companies from across Europe, including K Kanellakis, Montello, Rodepa, Van Werven, Veolia and Vita Plastics.

    Suppliers of plastics compounding, extrusion, recycling and testing equipment will also be very well represented, including companies such as Ametek Atlas Material Testing Technology, Brabender Technologie, Bühler, Coperion, Dynisco, Erema, Farrel Pomini, Gneuss, Konica Minolta, KraussMaffei Extrusion, Leistritz, Maag, Motan Colortronic, NGR, Nordson, Starlinger, Vecoplan, and many more.

    “We have extended the available floorspace considerably since last year, but it’s still filling up very fast,” said Rita Andrews, AMI’s head of exhibitions. “For example, 87% of stands in the Plastics Recycling Expo have already been booked, and more than 70% of space in the Compounding World Expo is taken”.

    The first Compounding World Expo and Plastics Recycling Expo took place in Essen, Germany in June 2018. They attracted 184 exhibitors and 4,024 visitors. This year, the two exhibitions were held in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, along with the first Plastics Extrusion World Expo. The three focused shows boasted 261 exhibitors and 4,375 visitors.

    The Polymer Testing World Expo will be a new addition to the event in 2020 and will feature its own free-to-attend conference theatre. This will provide a valuable forum for scientists, laboratory staff, and researchers who develop, test and analyse new polymer materials, formulations and products. The exhibition will benefit from the considerable crossover with the other exhibitions, which attract large numbers of professionals involved in these activities.

    Stands at the exhibitions start at less than €3,000. For more information, download the brochure here, or contact AMI’s exhibition team at


  • AMI to launch new data services offering at K 2019

    AMI to launch new data services offering at K 2019

    We will be launching new data subscription services and demonstrating a suite of interactive tools to support online analysis of critical market information on our stand at K 2019 (Hall 7, Stand C11).

    The launch is the latest stage in the development of our unique market intelligence reports and data services. These include our unrivalled database of global plastics processors, which have been assembled over 30 years and includes verified information for more than 20,000 named production sites. Information extends from contact details and ultimate holding company to machinery and type and volume of polymers consumed.

    “We’re excited to announce our new data subscription service to the market, which provides a comprehensive view of the Plastic Processing universe through any browser – all our clients need is internet access. This is the first important step in the development of our data services,” said Richard Walker, Head of Market Intelligence at AMI. 

    “The demand for plastics continues to rise but there is increased uncertainty as the circular economy becomes a primary issue affecting the industry. It is our intention for our data subscription package to offer a suite of commercially valuable information including detailed end use application tonnage data with historic, current and future forecasts of polymer, providing our clients with the tools to easily identify opportunities associated with the circular economy in a visually effective way,” he said.

    With advanced mapping capabilities and online access, a number of our larger clients are already taking advantage of the new, visually engaging web-based Search and Analysis tool. A range of options are also available for smaller clients that may require more targeted access to data. All subscribers will benefit from access to continued enhancements to the new subscription service in real time, including updated information and new site additions.

    “AMI prides itself on providing our clients with a unique view on their customer (and prospect) base delivering capability to affect and improve business planning,” said Walker. “K 2019 is the perfect place to talk to clients about this exciting new step for AMI and our desire to deliver quality insight and data services in a way that is timely, accurate and actionable.”

    Aside from demonstrations of the new data tools, visitors to the AMI stand will also be able to join daily speaker sessions, where some of the company’s many polymer industry experts will cover topics including plastics recycling, compounding and masterbatch. To learn more about these sessions and their timings, register your interest and a demo with our sales team.

     We will exhibiting at K in Hall 7, Stand C11. 

  • Industry conference brings key Single-Serve Capsules stakeholders back to Berlin

    Industry conference brings key Single-Serve Capsules stakeholders back to Berlin

    Responding to the growing importance of single-serve beverage capsules across European markets, leading experts and professionals from across the globe gather once again in Berlin for a key Single-Serve Capsules conference. The ​3rd edition of AMI's international Single-Serve Capsules conference takes place on 24-25 September 2019 at the Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, Germany.

    In addition to unique networking opportunities, the Single-Serve Capsules conference provides expert analysis and debate from the entire supply chain to evaluate the trends, challenges and opportunities facing the single-serve capsules industry in Europe. This includes capsule fillers, coffee roasters, capsule moulders, material suppliers, technology and machinery suppliers.

    Single-Serve Capsules, Berlin 2019, gives attendees the opportunity to explore global perspectives, catch a glimpse into future applications, evaluate end-of-life opportunities, sustainability and materials, as well as looking at innovations in capsule design and production technology.

    The high-level speaking faculty is comprised of representatives from:

    • Nestle Nespresso
    • CO.ind
    • Café Pod
    • Flatev
    • fwip
    • Eastsign
    • NatureWorks
    • TerraCycle
    • FLO
    • Amcor Flexibles


    To veiw the programme and booking information for Single-Serve Capsules, click here 

    For details on sponsoring, exhibiting or registering for this event, please contact Mr. Thom Crawley, Conference Organiser at Tel: + 44 (0) 117 314 8111

  • Announcing our new market report for the European palletisation industry

    Announcing our new market report for the European palletisation industry

    Our new report quantifies and analyses the European palletisation films market and examines the most recent industry dynamics.

    It quantifies current and future demand for film and provides estimates of the production of pallet stretch wrap, shrink hoods and stretch hoods and demand for each film type in each geographical market with a forecast to 2023. It also examines material usage, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages that each material may give the end-user and trends affecting changes in film formulation. Moreover, the study provides a detailed analysis of the industry structure and the way in which producers are reorganising while highlighting their market position and business strategies.

    Take a look at the full press release here: Palletisation Films - The European Market 2019

  • The Pipeline Coating program has been developed with an Advisory Board, bringing in-depth knowledge from industry experts

    The Pipeline Coating program has been developed with an Advisory Board, bringing in-depth knowledge from industry experts

    The forum for steel pipeline coatings and protection

    Pipeline coatings for steel pipelines create a complex challenge for the steel pipe industry. From factory and in-situ coating procedures and machinery, to a trained and skilled workforce, coaters must also consider that the materials need to offer performance and longevity through extreme conditions while providing anti-corrosion properties, all the time conforming to local, national and global standards. With the oil price recovering much of the ground lost towards the end of 2018, new exploration and production of Oil and Gas, the increase in popularity of shale and liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the requirement for improved pipe infrastructure.

    The Pipeline Coating conference is focused on polymeric coatings and their protection for offshore and onshore steel pipelines for the oil & gas and water industries. Taking place in Houston, Texas, the event opens its doors on November 5-6, 2019. The event provides delegates the chance to participate in two days of technical and commercial conference presentations with a multitude of networking opportunities.

    AMI has organised events in the oil and gas industry for the past 12 years and has built a strength and reputation for the delivery of these events. Using internal market research, AMI is in the prime position to offer attendees a forum to network and discuss the industry challenges, developments and opportunities.

    The programme has been selected by an Advisory Board, which includes expertise from AMI and external representatives who are all leaders in their field and bring their experience and knowledge. The Advisory Board includes:  

    • Michele L. Ostraat - Aramco Services Company 
    • Somaieh Salephour - Shawcor
    • Jeffrey D. Rogozinski - Sherwin-Williams Company
    • Mike Surkein - Surkein Corrosion  
    • Samuel J. Thomas - an Independent Consultant (currently at Liberty Coatings)
    • Philip D. Tooth - Tooth Pipeline Services
    • David Buckby - AMI 
    • Rebecca Utteridge - AMI 

    The conference sessions will investigate the market, coatings for longevity & performance and innovative procedures for coating applications. In the session on first hand examples of industry challenges papers will include Midcoast Energy and the USDOT PHMSA as well as a panel discussion looking at the challenges ahead.

    The event attracts operators, asset owners, contractors and lay engineers, raw material suppliers, pipe coaters, specifiers, machinery suppliers, researchers and testing and certification organisations.

    Pipeline Coating 2019 takes place November 5-6 2019 at Hilton Houston Post Oak, Houston, Texas, USA. Full programme and booking details, click here.

    For attending, exhibiting or sponsoring enquiries please contact Harriet White, Conference Organizer at Tel: +44 (0) 117 314 8111


  • LATI, Continental Brakes, and Diehl Metering to present at AMI’s Wear-Resistant Plastics Conference

    LATI, Continental Brakes, and Diehl Metering to present at AMI’s Wear-Resistant Plastics Conference


    Wear-Resistant Plastics Conference will take place in Düsseldorf 12-13 December 2019

    The second edition of Wear-Resistant Plastics provides a unique forum to evaluate and debate the latest advancements in polymer tribology, and explore how they can open new applications, particularly in metal replacement.

    Industry experts will discuss innovative methods for optimising the wear and friction properties of plastics components, such as gears, bearings, conveyors wheels and seals.

    Looking at a variety of technical applications in markets including automotive, electrical and industrial, the comprehensive programme takes a critical look at topical issues including the modification of compounds through lubrication, the use of new additives, and testing as a way to measure success.

    New for this year is a speed networking session and academy-led round table discussions, designed to maximise your opportunity to exchange ideas and establish business relationships which extend beyond the scope of the conference.

    The two-day programme will commence with a market overview examining how tribological applications have progressed sine last year’s conference. The rest of day one will investigate applications into plastics gear, innovative methods to improve tribological properties, and modification through lubrication, including a presentation from LATI and Continental Brakes on the development of self-lubricating sleeves for steel cables.

    Day two’s sessions will commence with a session on testing including Diehl Metering presenting on the correlation between numerical simulations, laboratory tests and product lifetime to save time and money.

    Wear-Resistant Plastics 2019 brings together representatives of the entire supply chain, offering unrivalled opportunities to network, exchange experience and learn through interaction with colleagues, suppliers, customers and competitors.

    To find out more information and for the full programme, click here.

    For further information on attending, exhibiting or sponsoring this event, please contact Ms. Grace Midgley, Conference Organiser, on Tel: +44 117 314 8111 or

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