• System rationalisation and a sharp transition towards Aluminium shake up the capsules industry

    System rationalisation and a sharp transition towards Aluminium shake up the capsules industry

    AMI Consulting has published its authoritative report mapping the global Single Serve Capsules industry. The report aims to support the development of robust participation strategies by equipping industry players and investors with a comprehensive understanding of scale of potential for future development, growth dynamics per system, market drivers and competitive pressures.

    All compatible capsules (both plastic and Aluminium variants) accounted for over a third the single serve capsules market worldwide in 2020, a staggering increase of over 9 billion units in comparison with 2018. There is a clear trend towards rationalisation of systems, with a clear focus on Nespresso and Dolce Gusto in Europe and K-cup in the US. Those 3 systems account for 81% of the global market.

    Read the full press release here

  • A global meeting place for the agricultural film industry At AMI’s Agricultural Film Virtual Summit 2020

    A global meeting place for the agricultural film industry At AMI’s Agricultural Film Virtual Summit 2020

    AMI’s Agricultural Film Virtual Summit will take place from 26-29 October 2020 attracting global audience from across the supply chain.  

    Food supply is a global issue and it’s one that doesn’t go away in a global pandemic.

    For a long time now food producers have been putting in place initiatives to ensure that a higher percentage of the food that is grown can be brought to our tables for everyone’s benefit. Technological innovations and scientific advances in this area signpost future agricultural transformation and show that there is plenty that can be done to protect crops against uncontrollable elements such as pests and the weather.

    While there are certainly differences in the types of crops that are grown in different regions, and in local government regulations, a global problem such as this requires a global solution. There is a huge benefit in the industry having a means by which to come together safely to discover the latest developments in agricultural films that will protect farming output. For manufacturers of resin; raw materials; additives and of the films themselves having an opportunity to identify, assess and respond to new and emerging markets is vital.

    There are common challenges for agricultural film producers that run across geographical borders. A very topical one is how to deal with the environmental impact of agricultural film products at the end of their life. In countries such as Spain and Latin America a lot of work is being done to understand how best to recover agricultural plastics from the field and then recycle them into other goods. Across the world scientists are working hard to produce soil biodegradable films and to extend the life of traditional films.

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  • AMI predicts a positive future for Global Chemical Recycling sector

    AMI predicts a positive future for Global Chemical Recycling sector

    AMI, Bristol 09/09/2020 – AMI Consulting has published its brand-new report on the global Chemical Recycling industry. The report provides a comprehensive view of the current status of chemical recycling of commodity polymers, market drivers, growth dynamics as well as a forecast for future development.

    The amount of plastic waste in the environment has become a major concern for both regulators and the general public. There has been a huge drive towards sustainability and the ‘circular economy’ in recent years. Legislative measures are being introduced to curb the plastic waste production and to include more recycled content into everyday products, with Europe leading the way. Significant volumes of waste had been exported to China, until in 2018 China introduced its National Sword policy, which effectively banned the import of plastic waste, leaving many nations without a destination for their plastic waste. In addition, many brands are proactively looking to include more recycled content on their packaging.  

    Recycling technologies currently in operation, largely based on mechanical recycling, are not suited to processing a significant portion of post-consumer waste. Emerging chemical recycling technologies are, however, capable of addressing this fraction.

    Read the full press release here: AMI predicts a positive future for Global Chemical Recycling sector

  • PP Compounds aid switch to electric vehicles

    PP Compounds aid switch to electric vehicles

    According to our new authoritative report published in September 2020, market penetration for Polypropylene Compounds is rising despite a slowdown in demand in 2020 triggered by Covid-19. The shift towards electric and hybrid electric vehicles, while threatening some existing underhood applications, is creating major new opportunities for PP Compounds in lightweighting and power management. Underway in the automotive industry are major changes in the supply-chain with many businesses facing existential threats even before the impact of Covid-19. The shift to electric vehicles and the prospect of autonomous vehicles puts pressure on OEMs as never before and opens doors for new entrants such as Tesla but with others following. These are choppy waters for companies to navigate through. PP/PP Compounds bring some inherent benefits such as low density but also have seen sufficient technical development to enable them better to compete in semi-structural applications.

    Read the full press release here: PP Compounds aid switch to electric vehicles

  • Global insights to the pandemic

    Global insights to the pandemic

    The global plastics industry has not escaped the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, with many manufacturing operations around the world forced to close by lockdown restrictions while others have been running flat out to meet spiralling demand for medical protective equipment and other key essentials such as food packaging.

    But quantifying just how this has impacted on plastics businesses around the world at an operational level, and identifying what it means for their immediate and longer term business and development plans, has been a challenge.

    Over the period from 24 June to 5 July 2020, AMI carried out a comprehensive survey of experiences and future expectations of plastics companies from around the world covering all the major end-use application markets from packaging and medical through to automotive and construction. 

    The results of this survey provide a detailed assessment of the immediate impact, the short-term response, and the long-term impact on business planning and future market expectations. 

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  • Plastics and the Pandemic - Now available on-demand!

    Plastics and the Pandemic - Now available on-demand!

    The free-to-attend Plastics and the Pandemic virtual forum series was held during July and August which focused on analysing the impact of Covid-19 on the global plastics industry.

    The entire series is now available to watch on-demand!  Watch for free now

    Session 1: Industry leaders discuss "how the plastics industry is reacting to the Covid-19 crisis and what happens next". See representatives from Plastics Industry Association, EuPC, JiaRui International Management and AMI.

    Session 2: Leading industry speakers Andrew Reynolds, Mike Boswell, David Buckby and Chris Smith discuss “what effect Covid-19 has had on polymer supply, demand and pricing”

    Session 3: Hear our panel of industry leaders including Kevin Vyse, Robert Render, Christine Leveque, Chris Slijkhuis, Lizzy Carroll, David Buckby and David Eldridge discuss “the impact of Covid-19 on recycling, sustainability and the image of plastics”. 

    You can also download the supporting presentations: 

    • Industry survey - Global insights to the pandemic
    • Recovery scenarios and plastics market, theory and evidence
    • Global recycling and the pandemic - an AMI perspective

    Download the supporting presentations

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