• AMI’s Oil & Gas Polymer Engineering Texas 2018 – Programme is live

    AMI’s Oil & Gas Polymer Engineering Texas 2018 – Programme is live

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  • Global pipeline coating market recovery and growth

    Global pipeline coating market recovery and growth

    Where there are challenges there are opportunities

    New AMI Consulting report details material usage in the global pipeline coating industry

    AMI Consulting, Bristol, January 2018 – A new report by the plastics market experts, AMI Consulting, explores the challenges recently faced by the pipeline coating industry and presents the forthcoming opportunities. 

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  • Long fibre PP compounds drive automotive innovation

    In a new report recently published by AMI Consulting the use of LFT PP (long fiber thermoplastic polypropylene) is examined in detail. The report quantifies the use of both granule LFT PP (LFT-G) and direct compounding and moulding in-line of LFT PP (LFT-D) tracking down its use around the world. The result is a comprehensive analysis of LFT PP by application, OEM, LFT PP compound producer and geographical region.

    Glass fibre and PP have long been combined to make car parts. Whereas short glass fibre compounds are longer established and the larger product family, LFT PP is the faster growing.

    Global demand for LFT PP in 2016 by region

    Europe 36%
    Americas 24%
    Asia 40%
    Total 100%

    Source: AMI Consulting, 2018

    LFT PP is now used widely in automotive front-end carriers, instrument-panel carriers, door-panels, consoles, pedals, under-body shields and several other applications. The exciting feature of many of these applications is that LFT PP permits automotive engineers to either replace steel and thereby reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency, or replace more expensive engineering plastics. An example is the award-winning grille shutter on the 2018 Ford Expedition luxury sport-utility vehicle. In addition to reducing weight by 3lbs, cost reductions of $66 per vehicle through innovative engineering are reported.

    The report looks at the success of LFT PP relative to that of LFT PA and looks too at the increasing internationalisation of demand and supply including recent heavy investment in China by the largest producers amongst whom are Celanese with its Celstran brand, SABIC, Comusa (Funcster), Lotte (Sambark) and GS Caltex.

    Demand for LFT PP is predicted to grow strongly 2017-2021.

    ‘Long Fibre Polypropylene Compounds’ is a detailed global multiclient study published by AMI Consulting, a division of Applied Market Information Ltd. For further information contact John Nash on +44 117 924 9442 or john.nash@ami.international