Press Releases


AMI, Bristol, 18th September 2007 – Applied Market Information Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Rebecca Dolbey to its Plastics Information Direct division. Plastics Information Direct has been distributing technical books for the plastics industry for a decade. The company has always realised the importance of ‘instant information’ to business, and maintains stocks of key titles to facilitate rapid delivery worldwide. Also providing access to AMI’s world-renowned market reports and directories, Plastics Information Direct offers the most convenient and comprehensive single source of publications for the global plastics industry.


However, in recent years, changes in science and technology publishing have mirrored those in many other industries. The major publishers have increasingly focussed on the most lucrative markets, with the result that the plastics industry has been poorly served. AMI believes it is left to the specialist publishers to provide the books that the industry requires, and the company has recruited Rebecca Dolbey (right) to drive forward its own activities in this area.


Rebecca is pleased to be returning to the plastics industry, where she will be well-known to many, having more than 20 years experience in information provision and publishing.  She would welcome approaches from potential authors wishing to submit manuscripts or outlines for new books. “I look forward to renewing many old acquaintances, and working with new colleagues to provide the targeted resources the industry needs.”


Details of titles currently available and guidance for potential authors can be found at www.pidbooks.com.