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The AMI conference on Waterproof Membranes looks at the trends and technical developments in the international roofing and geomembrane industry. It takes place from 30 November-2 December 2010 at the Maritim Hotel in Cologne, Germany.  This year the markets will be reviewed by an international panel of specialists commencing with Jon Nash of AMI Consulting on European construction developments.  This is followed by NTC “Gidrol-Krovlja” with an overview of trends in the Russian arena, then Polaris International (Bahrain) on Middle East single-ply roofing strategies and challenges, and Arab Water Seal (UAE) on MENA market trends.

There are a number of methods for improving sustainability such as Solar Integrated Technologies’ one step waterproofing and solar power installation. TSB Elastomers Europe has looked at the environmental aspects of the building envelope using membranes. Some types of roofing foils transmit light and Hightex has innovative designs in these applications.  At ground level, Fatra is involved in planning and application of waterproof membranes.


In terms of materials, there are several new studies.  Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer from EVAL Europe has been tested as a barrier material for use in geosynthetics for containment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Water barrier properties can be enhanced by the use of water-based super absorbent polymers from H&R Chempharm as an active component.  Polyurea is spray-coated in roofing membranes: BASF has new technology in this field.


LyondellBasell has reviewed TPO membranes from the past uses to future potential, and Dow Europe has looked at the range of use of polyolefins in waterproofing.  Trelleborg is leading in the EPDM membrane markets with electrobonding systems.

Manufacturing technology is advancing to meet demands.  Davis-Standard LLC has new equipment for material cost reductions in producing reinforced polyolefin membranes.  In addition, the KraussMaffei Berstorff extruders have been optimised for manufacturing membranes using different polymer types.


Fire performance is a key factor in the European construction industry: WarringtonFireGent has studied fire behaviour and tested roof coverings and structures.  Adhesion is another issue, particularly in wind lift: Adco Roofing Products has 2-component polyurethane foams as a flexible means of attachment.  “Safety first” during installation is the topic of the International Green Roof Association.  After installation, Sensor provides technology for monitoring performance: this year the company has looked at sophisticated control of geomembranes used as covers on drinking water reservoirs.


AMI’s Waterproof Membranes 2010 provides a unique networking point for the global roofing and geomembrane industry to debate business trends and improvements in materials and technology.




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