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The next AMI international business and technology conference for the window, door, decking, fence and siding profile industry, Profiles 2011, takes place June 1-2, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA, USA.  There will be an extensive review of the markets from a wide range of viewpoints. In the opening address the publisher of Window and Door magazine will review the results of a recent industry survey under the title, “Beyond vanilla: what vinyl window manufacturers are offering as upgrades”. This is followed by the leading petrochemical company, Reliance Industries, describing developments in the profile industry in India.   The move to green and sustainable building is a big driver for the use of the thermal insulation properties provided by profiles, and Profine has looked at new technology to enhance the contribution of PVC.


Herb Hutchison has launched a new company, Polymera, to produce WPC (wood/natural fiber polymer composite) profiles including custom extrusion, which he regards as an overlooked market opportunity.  The fiber-polymer interaction in polyolefin based WPC can be improved using modifiers, as supplied by Interfacial Solutions. WPC profiles may have a protective layer, such as the ethylene copolymer-based materials supplied by DuPont. 


There are advances in production technology and Politsch Kunststofftechnik attracted a lot of attention at the K-2010 exhibition with its Solvin-award winning innovation, which reduces energy consumption in profile extrusion.  P3 Consultants has been examining the issue of achieving dimensional stability and stiffness in vinyl profiles, while Arkema is focusing on improving impact resistance.


Vinyl profiles can be manufactured in a range of colors: there are pros and cons with this development and Veka is reviewing this technology.  .   X-Rite is in the business of automating color control during production. The German company, Konrad Hornschuch is using near infra-red (NIR) reflective pigments in its decorative films to reduce heat-absorption in profiles (“cool colors”).  American Renolit also supplies this market, and has a range of decorative laminate films.  Water-based coatings for vinyl are supplied by Aquasurtech.


There are formulation changes in the global vinyl industry such as the new stabilization systems from Chemson and Akdeniz Kimya.  Coperion is a world leader in compounding machinery.  Weathering testing is used to check the fitness for purpose of new vinyl materials and Q-Lab has reviewed the accelerated test methods.  


The Profiles 2011 conference offers a unique opportunity to get together with manufacturers of construction products and key members of the industry supply chain to debate the trends and innovations in the marketplace.

Profiles 2011
June 1-2
Hilton City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, USA
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