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AMI, Bristol, 15/08/11 – A report from industry consultants, AMI Consulting, published in May 2011, points to Asia and the Middle East as the fastest growing and most dynamic markets for pallet stretch film production in the world. Between 2010 and 2015 global production of pallet stretch film is forecast to increase by almost one million tonnes, of which over 400,000 tonnes will be in Asia and almost 200,000 tonnes in the Middle East, beating forecast growth in the more established markets of Europe and North America.


In Asia pallet stretch film production has grown over the past five years by almost 10% per annum and is forecast to continue to grow at this rate to 2015, while in the Middle East production growth over the past five years has been 20% per annum and is forecast to continue growing by over 11% per annum at least until 2015. Although starting from a lower level in tonnage terms, production growth in Latin America has been in excess of 20% per year during the past five years and is forecast to continue at over 8% per year to 2015. In contrast, the more mature markets of Europe and North America have seen growth over recent years of around 3% per annum and forecast growth to 2015 is between 2 and 3% per annum: in the cast of Europe, this increase is driven by demand growth in Eastern Europe while in North America, demand in Mexico is the main driver.


Most of the increase in production forecast for the Asian market will be used to meet supply in that region, as demand from China absorbs much of the additional production. The story for the Middle East is quite different: exports from Saudi Arabia are already running at over 100,000 tonnes per year, having grown from virtually zero in 2004 and it is forecast that the level of exports will continue to grow to over 200,000 per year by 2015, with Europe being the main target area for this increased level of sales. The Middle East enjoys more favourable raw material prices that any other global region and this, combined with low power costs and reasonable freight rates, particularly to Europe, gives producers in the region a significant competitive advantage over the established European pallet stretch film producers. As a result, Europe will switch from being a net exporter of pallet stretch films to a net importer well before 2015.

Production of pallet stretch film in Middle East & Africa



AMI's study covers demand and production of pallet stretch film from 2004 to 2010 with forecasts to 2015, with detailed capacity (by major producer), production, demand, import and export analysis by major countries in all global regions. It will aid in the development of strategies for investing/divesting through knowledge of the global, regional and major country market sizes and growth trends.





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