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In a new report recently published by AMI Consulting the use of LFT PP (long fibre thermoplastic polypropylene) is examined in detail. The report quantifies the use of both granule LFT PP (LFT-G) and direct compounding and moulding in-line of LFT PP (LFT-D) tracking down its use vehicle by vehicle around the world. The result is a comprehensive analysis of LFT PP by application, OEM, producer and geographical region.

Glass fibre and PP have long been combined to make car parts. Short glass fibre compounds are the best known products and they are used widely in under-the-hood components.

Since the late 1990s two new families of PP based products have been gaining an increasing role in automotive design: LFT-G and LFT-D. LFT-G (Long Fibre Thermoplastic PP) refers to a product sold as a granule, whereas the name LFT-D is used to describe the process in which an LFT is compounded and moulded in-line or directly.

 Global demand for LFT PP in 2013 by region
Europe  37%
Americas 28%
Asia/Other 35%
Total 100%

The first region to see fast growth was Europe but since then growth in other regions of the world has been accelerating.

LFT PP is now used widely in automotive front end carriers, instrument panel carriers, door panel supports, consoles, pedals, under body shields and a number of other applications. The exciting feature of many of these applications is that LFT PP permits automotive engineers to either replace steel and thereby reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency, or replace more expensive engineering plastics.

The largest producers of LFT-G include Celanese with its Celstran brand, Sabic which markets the product using both Stamax and Verton brands and JNC Corporation (Funcster brand) which is linked with Japan Polypropylene and Mitsubishi.

Demand for LFT PP been growing strongly in most applications and in most regions of the world and is predicted to grow at 8% p.a. during the coming years.

‘"Long Fibre Polypropylene Compounds" is a detailed global multiclient study published by AMI Consulting, a division of Applied Market Information Ltd, in July 2014. For further information contact John Nash on +44 117 924 9442 or