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What"s new in PVC? The past year has seen multiple changes in the global PVC business with sales, mergers and acquisitions of many major vinyl players in Europe, a new PVC plant opening in Russia, and new growth in the Americas and China. Brigitte Dero of the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM) will outline developments in Europe including the successes of the industry sustainability initiatives at AMI"s next international conference on PVC Formulation 2015, which takes place from 16-18 March 2015 at the Maritim Hotel in Cologne, Germany. Africa is regarded as having massive potential for growth and trends in the South African PVC compounding industry will be outlined by Dr Claus Maurer of CBI Electric Aberdare ATC Telecom Cables.

From the resin producers, ShinEtsu has new speciality PVC grades for the European markets, which are tightly controlled — Ineos Chlorvinyls will outline the latest developments in the REACH regulations affecting the industry. CEFIC ECPI will talk about the safe and sustainable use of plasticisers and BASF will review the use of plasticisers in medical devices, as the healthcare industry continues to debate the use of PVC.

Flame retardancy is a primary property requirement for rigid construction applications such as pipes and profiles and the EUPC has a group working on this subject: Nabaltec and Deflamo are two key suppliers of fire retardants.

It isn"t just the PVC resin producers and compounders who have undergone company changes: the same pattern has occurred among many suppliers of additives. This has made PMC Organometallix a more significant player in the stabilisers industry and the company will be describing how to stabilise PVC for injection moulding applications. Akcros Chemicals will demonstrate compounding for antibacterial and good stabilisation properties, while Addivant will outline antioxidant stabilisation for plasticisers.

Ercros in Spain has worked on PVC compounds for flexible applications which are free of external plasticisers. Meanwhile, the search for new plasticisers for PVC continues. There are new terephthalate plasticisers from Eastman Chemical for plastisols. Nynas has mineral oil secondary plasticisers for PVC compounds and Fine Organics (India) has a special bio-based plasticiser. From the US, Emerald Kalama Chemical has developed high solvator benzoate plasticisers, while Oxea has looked at the use of plasticisers in the evolving world.

The Ergis Group in Poland has been formulating compounds with hardness modification of PVC recyclates and reviewing potential applications. The compounding challenges for PVC flooring are the subject of research by Gerflor. Next generation nano-additives have been used to modify PVC by Klockner Pentaplast.

Many applications of PVC are coloured for safety and for aesthetic purposes. Colourtone Masterbatch has looked at the opportunities offered by infra red reflecting colours. The white pigments from titanium dioxide (TiO2) are very important to the PVC construction industry: TZMI will outline market supply.

AMI"s PVC Formulation 2015 showcases the latest innovations in PVC resins, vinyl compounds, additives and market trends. There are top ingredient suppliers providing data on their latest developments, compounders highlighting some of the latest industry research and regulatory experts describing the way through the growing maze of legislation affecting the chemical industry. Alongside this there are case studies from end-users, discussing the challenges and innovations in different market sectors. PVC Formulation 2015 provides the opportunity to re-establish a network of suppliers and make new contacts in the emerging international marketplace.

PVC Formulation 2015
Global conference on the PVC industry, compounding, recipes and market trends
16 -18 March 2015, Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany
Web site: http://www.amiplastics.com/events/event?Code=C624  

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