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GROWTH IN MATERIALS DEMAND FOR WIND TURBINE BLADES - New AMI Consulting report details Materials Usage in Wind Turbine Blades

AMI Consulting, Bristol, 04/02/15 — A report published in January 2015 from industry consultants, AMI Consulting, calculates that the global demand for materials in the production of wind turbine blades grew by over 10% per year in the last three years. The market for wind turbine blades has been one of the fastest growing of any composite application with particularly strong growth for instance in Latin America. While materials usage has risen strongly, there are uncertainties ahead and changing market dynamics. On the one hand governmental support for wind energy varies with economic and political priorities and on the other hand, oil prices have collapsed in recent months, yet the long term prospects remain encouraging.

Materials used for wind turbine blades in 2014 

In this new report by AMI Consulting, the value of the global composite blade market is estimated at €2.1 billion. The report quantifies the market, its structure, the status of the technology and the changes which are underway.

Increasing effort is being invested in designing blades for maximum power generation and reliability but minimising weight and this requires careful attention to materials composition, materials processing and of course design. The link between generating capacity, blade size and materials usage is discussed in detail in the report. To maximise generators return on investment, the average blade size is getting longer. As blade length and weight grow increased sophistication in blade design, materials and manufacture are required. 

By providing independent quantitative analysis, subscribers will gain a strong understanding of the scale of the market, market dynamics and the changing market share of the key participants.


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