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AMI, Bristol, 2nd November 2016- Polymer Demand in Europe is AMI"s largest consulting data report in the Polymer Demand series, with the biggest country analysis section to date, providing a comprehensive analysis of the largest 23 polymer markets in the region.

Broadly speaking the region can be split into three distinct segments. Western Europe is driven by innovation, niche markets and evolving consumer desires. The region has long been at the forefront of technology and industry trends but the last decade has seen a slowdown, with polymer growth constrained to <1% as it falls victim to increasing globalisation, market maturity, slow economic growth and growing environmental concerns. Industry drivers include a revived automotive market, which with an average of 50kg of polypropylene used per vehicle, drove growth of the resin upwards by 2% in 2015.

Central Europe has become the new manufacturing hub of the Europe. Benefiting from EU status and lower production costs than its Western European competitors, it has found itself home to a number of leading manufacturers. The plastics industry is no exception to the region"s success and has grown by 15% in the last 5 years with growth forecast at over 2%/annum for the next 5 years.

Untapped potential restrained by geopolitical tensions and poor economies has shaped the CIS in recent history. Polymer demand was boosted by the recent self-imposed food bans on European foods which has benefited the country"s packaging industry and seen polypropylene demand rise considerably in 2015. New lines in advanced film are being installed throughout the CIS and investments are taking place in spite of the economic environment.

Overall growth in the European plastics industry is forecast to grow at 1.3%/year to 2020, ranging vastly from East to West.

Polymer Demand in Europe is an AMI consulting data report. It provides detailed statistical data on the demand and end uses for all major thermoplastic materials on a country by country basis with forecasts until 2020. It covers all the issues affecting the industry and is designed to assist the reader in anticipating change within this broadly diverse continent.

It has been built through decades of knowledge accumulated through AMI"s position as the leading plastics consultancy and conference company in Europe, with a network of over 55,000 plastics processors and a global reach to all of the industry"s polymer resin producers and leading players.

This latest report by AMI covers 50 European countries with a comprehensive analysis of the markets most significant players. It splits demand by polymer, process and end use. The report covers every aspect of the market from the overall structure of the industry, the economic environment, country specific industry commentary as well as process and polymer specific commentary. The report by AMI packages the market into a format easily absorbed by any reader. Containing over 500 tables and charts, the breakdown and depth delivered by AMI is unparalleled in the market of polymer analysis.

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