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PVC Processors in the Middle East and Africa

Demand for PVC across the Middle East & Africa has reached 4m tonnes.

AMI's database provides an insight into the activities of 615 significant processors of PVC in the region.

Obtain addresses, managerial contacts, polymer usage, products manufactured/...

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Publication Year: 2021

Edition: 2.0

Sites Listed: 607

PVC Window and Door Manufacturers in Europe

PVC is still the dominant and most economic plastics option for the manufacture of window and door profiles.   Plastic window frames is the favoured solution in a number of countries in Western and Central Europe.    This AMI database lists 279 production plants in Europe...

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Publication Year: 2019

Edition: 1.0

Sites Listed: 279

PVC Processors in Europe

PVC demand reached 6.6 millions tonnes in Europe in 2018.

Stay up to date on this market with this database listing 1834 PVC manufacturing sites in Europe and shows the following information for each site:

  • Company contact (address, tel...

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Publication Year: 2018

Edition: 3.0

Sites Listed: 1834

Thermoplastics Profile Extruders in Europe

The production of thermoplastics profile systems in Europe is a major industry which accounts for a significant volume of polymers with most applications being used for the building industry, primarily for production of PVC doors and windows.    


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Available formats:

Publication Year: 2018

Edition: 3.0

Sites Listed: 913

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