About AMI Databases

Each AMI directory of plastics processors is available in database format allowing you to quickly optimise your knowledge of the market. The platinum database offers extensive searches on contact data and production information, for each site you can filter data by regions, polymers, markets/end use applications and machinery.

Database functionality

The new platinum database is supplied as a fully searchable Excel spreadsheet so that you can easily analyse the market and use the data for your own marketing.

  1. Search for a specific company or for a find all the sites operated by major groups.
  2. Search for any field on information or combination of fields from the database to identify particular companies e.g. all injection moulders of PP, all PE film extruders of LLDPEC6, etc.
  3. Use your selection for market analysis.
  4. Export mailing data into a spreadsheet for marketing purposes.
  5. Export contact and production data into your own marketing system.

How to use AMI databases

Our content is now being distributed in Microsoft Excel format with Azure Information Protection to control what can be done with the data.

The protection technology uses Azure Rights Management (often abbreviated to Azure RMS). This technology is integrated with other Microsoft cloud services and applications.

What you will need

A suitable email address:

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If you're using a Windows PC

One of the following versions of Microsoft Office.

  • Office 2013 or later (all editions)
  • Office 365 ProPlus applications (as included in Office 365 E3, for example)
  • Office 365 Business applications (as included in Office 365 Business Premium, for example)
  • Excel Online (supported, but we expect most people will want to use our data in the full desktop applications)
  • Office 365 Home and Personal

You or your IT department may have already installed the Azure Information Protection Client, but this is not essential for consuming content.

Depending which version of Office you’re using and how it’s configured, you may not be used to logging in to Office but you should be prompted at the appropriate time. Make sure you enter the same email address as the one we sent the content to. If you’re unsure, please ask.

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If you're using MacOS

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If you're using an Android device or an Apple iOS device (e.g. iPad, iPhone, etc)

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Signing up for an account

If you do not have an Office 365 subscription, you will need to sign up for "RMS for individuals", which is a free identity platform that allows you to open the documents we send you.

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Here's how to check and, if necessary, sign up.

Click the following link and enter your work email address:

Azure AD Help - Test

If your account is already set up, you'll see the following:
Azure AD Help - Already Using

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If your account does need to be set up, then you may be prompted to prove that you are not an automated bot.

Choose your country code from the drop down (e.g. +44 for the UK) and enter an appropriate phone number and choose to receive a call or text message with a code. Depending on how international dialling works for your country, you may need to omit the leading zero of your phone number.

Once you’ve received the code, enter it and click “Sign up”.

Otherwise, you'll see the following:
Azure AD Help - Sign Up

Fill in the required information, check your email for the verification code and enter it, and then click "Start".

After a short wait…

You will then be taken to the following landing page. You do not need to install anything from this page.

Simply close the window and try to open the document attached to our email.

Limitation of use

AMI database prices shown on this site are for a single user license which permits the purchaser to install the electronic database on to one PC and an associated laptop. Licences are available for multiple installations and company-wide licences are also available. Contact us for more details.

Databases are available for the following processes:

We are a leading provider of information, market intelligence and events for the global plastics industry. Our business is underpinned by our talented staff and our unique databases.

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