Chemical Recycling, Global Status 2022

Chemical Recycling, Global Status 2022

Published: September 2022

While Europe and North America dominate the headlines in terms of site and capacity developments, ventures have been established or are emerging in many other regions of the globe.

Over the past years a number of significant industry players have emerged, characterised by actively operating commercial facilities and a developing network of relationships with the world’s largest polymer producers and consumer brands. Nevertheless, overall transparency within the industry remains limited.

This is partly caused by the presence of a large number of concept stage and pilot-scale operations, but also by the fact that, in many cases, an analysis of future processing capacities and outputs has to rely on company announcements and plans which are subject to change based on wider market and legislative developments.

Our new report offers a unique approach to providing a transparent industry reference via a functional interactive tool, combining:

  • an interactive Excel file presenting site and capacity information
  • a dynamic presentation of the complex web of company relationships across the value chain
  • a report providing background to chemical recycling technologies and concepts, as well as information about the industry’s operating environment and growth drivers.

This approach facilitates identification of emerging business models, potential future leaders in the industry and growth opportunities. 


📢 COMING SOON! In response to the continuing fast speed of industry developments we will be launching a subscription offer for the report, featuring quarterly updates of global developments in both quantitative and qualitative terms.  Contact for more information

Value chain relationships
Chemical recycling facilities are part of a complex web of value chain relationships consisting of investors, feedstock suppliers, technology and equipment providers, as well as buyers, processors and end users of the outputs generated.

Profiles of chemical recyclers and critical technology providers 
The report will provide company snapshots of the chemical recyclers active across the globe, including information about companies’ background, geography, technology, feedstock source, and polymers processed.

The market
The report will provide an assessment of the capacities and outputs of current and planned global chemical recycling facilities by country, technology, main feedstock stream, and polymers processed. It will thus present a comprehensive picture of the industry in quantitative terms, built from conversations with AMI’s network of industry contacts and complemented by secondary research.

Background reference of chemical recycling technologies, legislation and context


The geographic scope is the Global market, segmented into:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia
  • Rest of the World

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The report is supplied as a downloadable PDF with an enterprise-wide license agreement. To receive a proposal, sample pages or for further information please click the Enquire/Order button above.

📢 COMING SOON! In response to the continuing fast speed of industry developments we will be launching a subscription offer for the report, featuring quarterly updates of global developments in both quantitative and qualitative terms.  Contact for more information.

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