POM Moulders in Europe

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POM Moulders in Europe

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Find out the following information for 970 sites using the engineering polymer acetal for automotive, electrical and other engineering applications.

  • Company location, full address, tel number, email and website
  • Parent company
  • Up to four managerial contacts (to be compliant with GDPR, some contact names have been removed from the database).
  • Type of moulding
  • All polymers processed
  • Total polymer throughput
  • Markets served/Products manufactured
  • Services offered
  • Company specialisation (main polymers processed and main markets served/ products manufactured)
  • Machinery information.

The platinum database offers functionalities for full analysis of polymer usage, end use applications and machinery of the companies listed.  Select the platinum tab for more details.


Europe: France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania,Croatia, Serbia

Additional functionalities for data analysis

The platinum database is supplied in an Excel spreadsheet with extensive search and filtering capabilities, you can search on any field of information: on each polymer, product, market, region, etc., making the analysis on polymer usage, products, markets or regions very easy. You can tailor the searches to your own needs and integrate the data in your own system.

Order processing

After you have placed your order and your payment has been authorised, the database will be emailed to you in a protected format. Please note that the email will be sent during working hours in the United Kingdom.

AMI's data is protected by copyright and cannot be supplied to any third party

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