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Plastics Packaging Producers - A Review of Europe's 50 largest Players

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This report identifies the 50 largest plastics packaging groups in Europe. A detailed profile is given for the leading companies such as Alpla Werke, Coveris and Mondi. The report covers the leading manufacturers of both rigid and flexible packaging in consumer, industrial, retail, medical and food packaging. For each group or company the following information is given:

  • Corporate details: Head office address, telephone, fax numbers, e-mail
    and web site address.
  • Ownership details: Name of the ultimate holding company or whether or
    not publicly or privately held.
  • Business overview: A review of the corporate strategy and development to
    date in plastics packaging, including recent acquisitions, divestments,
    investments or other significant business changes.
  • Financial results: Five year results for the period 2009-2013 with
    estimates of the proportion of turnover in plastics packaging.
  • Plastics packaging operations: A complete listing of all plants operated
    in Europe with estimated polymer throughput for 2013.
  • Non-European operations: This indicates where else in the world the
    group or company has plastics packaging operations.
  • Plastics packaging activities: An assessment of specialisations in
    plastics packaging and the main types of products produced.
  • Other activities: An indication of the company’s involvement in other
    sectors of the packaging industry.

In addition this report also provides an overview of the market for polymers (polyethylene, PP, PS, PVC, etc.) in plastics packaging in Europe with an analysis of the market by end use applications. A comprehensive introduction also analyses the top 50 groups by polymer throughput and turnover.

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