AMI produces a number of reports, studies and conferences which look at plastics and related markets from a global perspective. We publish a series of free digital magazines providing news, analysis and technical information about a range of processes and markets within the plastics industry. 

AMI Consulting produces a range of global studies on certain markets which lend themselves to global analysis. For specific markets such as masterbatch/concentrates, plastics pipe, plastics cable and packaging, select a region on the left hand tool bar. We also produce a subscription newsletter called Orientate which is for the world BOPP industry.

AMI Conferences organise a number of events with a global theme such as BOPP and Pipe Coating. We hold conferences in America, Asia the Middle East and Europe and they all attract a global audience.

Global Plastics industry strategy seminars give comprehensive overview on the plastics industry on the development and growth opportunities in the world polymer market.

AMI's Global products

The Global market for PE films products

Date of publication: January 2014 Update available Q1:2018

Overview: The polyethylene film market continues to face major questions: the demand for product is continuing to advance in all regions of...

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Global Polymer Demand

Global Polymer Demand is a new report from AMI Consulting which draws on AMI's unique, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the downstream plastics processing value chain to provide unrivalled detail in quantifying the volume of polymer materials used across the major plastics...

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Single serve beverage capsules - Market Overview

Date of publication: September 2016


From a niche market, single serve beverage capsules have grown to be one of the most important sub-applications of...

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Artificial Grass - the global market

Date of publication: March 2016


The global market for artificial turf has exhibited strong growth since the product was introduced in the 1960s.  Its success is a result of product and technology innovation, to meet...

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Steel pipe coating - the global market

Date of publication: April 2016 New edition due January 2018

The 4th edition of AMI’s Steel Pipe Coating market report analyses the current state...

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Palletisation films the global market 2017

Published: April 2017

Currently, billions of US dollars are lost annually as a result of goods becoming damaged in transit.  This trend has been on the increase as a result of downgauging across all levels of packaging, i.e. primary, secondary and tertiary.  For...

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Stand-up pouches, the global market 2017


Date of publication: June 2017


SUPs is one of the fastest growing flexible packaging formats facilitated by its widespread acceptance across end use segments...

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ORIENTATE subscription

ORIENTATE is a newsletter dedicated to the global biaxially oriented film industry, published by leading plastics business consultancy, AMI Consulting. ORIENTATE, provides a unique, independent and authoritative view on the trends and developments in the biaxially oriented film business...

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Publisher: AMI

Editor: Susannah Owen


PP markets in the EU

Date of publication: February 2017

AMI's detailed report of the PP market in Europe has been updated.  This revised study provides an unrivalled bottom-up analysis of the market through combining an extensive interview programme, with hundreds of PP processors across...

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BOPET films - the global market

Date of publication: August 2016

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global BOPET film market including supply/demand dynamics and a detailed segmentation by end use applications for 2005-2020 to help understand trends, developments...

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BOPP films - the global market

Date of publication: April 2016

This study highlights the development of the market for BOPP films over the period 2010-2015 how it is responding to global volatilities,  the implications of upcoming investment and how the market is likely to...

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Long fibre polypropylene compounds - the global market

Date of publication: September 2014 - Next edition due September 2017


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Materials usage in wind turbine blades - the global market

Date of publication: January 2015

Overview:The market for wind turbine blades has been growing rapidly in recent years especially in regions like Latin America and Asia. While global materials usage has continued to rise, there were...

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Polymers in photovoltaics applications - the global market

Date of publication: 2012

Fossil fuels are not an infinite source of energy. Demand for renewable energy sources intensifies as these resources deplete and the manufacture of solar cells and photovoltaic arrays is a focus for intense...

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