South America

AMI has been expanding its coverage of South American markets in the last few years in recognition of the greater importance of this region. Brazil is the largest economy in the region and has been regarded as one of the fastest and most vibrant economies in the world.

AMI produces a number of reports, studies and conferences which look at plastics and related markets from a South American perspective. We publish a series of free digital magazines providing news, analysis and technical information about a range of processes and markets which include coverage of South American markets.

In addition to directories and databases of plastics processors in South America, AMI Publishing can also supply customised databases on any country from this region. The data can be selected by types of polymers processed or markets served according to your specific requirements.

AMI's South American products

Polymers in photovoltaics applications - the global market

Date of publication: 2012

Fossil fuels are not an infinite source of energy. Demand for renewable energy sources intensifies as these resources deplete and the manufacture of solar cells and photovoltaic arrays is a focus for intense...

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Polymer Demand in South and Central America

Published: August 2015

This report draws on AMI Consulting's unique, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the downstream plastics processing value chain and will provide unrivalled detail in quantifying the...

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Artificial Grass - the global market

Date of publication: March 2016


The global market for artificial turf has exhibited strong growth since the product was introduced in the 1960s.  Its success is a result of product and technology innovation, to meet...

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Steel pipe coating - the global market

Date of publication: April 2016 New edition due January 2018

The 4th edition of AMI’s Steel Pipe Coating market report analyses the current state...

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Compounders and Masterbatch Producers in South America - AMI's database

Countries in South America are developing at differing speeds and face economic challenges.  Changes in the structure of the society in this region offer real opportunities for innovative markets.

The database gives you a unique insight into one of the most profitable sectors of the...

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Publication Year: 2017

Edition: 2.0

Sites Listed: 149

The Global market for PE films products

Date of publication: Will be published in March 2018

Polyethylene film markets were essentially national or regional in nature until shortly after the turn of the century,...

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